5 Best Front End JavaScript Framework to Learn in 2022

Before landing into the most popular Frontend JavaScript framework, let’s answer one more important question. A JavaScript library is a collection of reusable code that is used to solve common problems or perform a function. Likewise for Angular, Lukas Ruebbelke provides a great course to keep you sharp in your Angular skills.

Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, solid end-to-end tooling, and an integrated set of best practices to solve development challenges. Because of their functionalities, web frameworks often get confused with libraries, but they’re different in scope.

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If you are going to be working with a framework day in and day out it’ll be a whole lot better if you actually enjoy the process. I’ll say one good thing about Angular though, the framework is maintained by a team at Google. That means they can implement updates faster, and with such a big name backing it, you can be sure it’ll be around for a while. Though developed in the year 2016, this JavaScript framework has already made its way into the market and has proven its worth by offering numerous features.

Which JavaScript framework should I learn 2021?

If you want to learn the framework that will give you the best odds of landing a job in 2021, your best bet is still React, and has been since 2017. React is mentioned in 47.6% of the listings which mention a common front-end framework, Angular picks up 41.2%, and Vue. js trails at 11.2%.

In a modern continuously growing tech world, developers need an effective front-end development framework. JavaScript has emerged as a widely used frontend framework for web development regardless of massive competition. If you’re a beginner or junior front end developer and you’re wondering if you should learn react , vue or angular to get a job, you’re in the right place. MaterialUI — a personal favourite, I’ve used it on many different projects and it is a very well thought out and highly supported library. I highly recommend this to someone looking to build a new project without the overhead of designing custom UI components. He has a great React course which he keeps up to date and relevant — it’s through the Frontend Masters platform.

So Which is the Best JavaScript Framework?

As more and more clients are opting for Angular.Js Development Services over other platforms, it’s gaining popularity day by day. According to theNPM reports, Angular.js has surpassed 638,437 weekly downloads. Frameworks enable developers to create web pages that are much more responsive and adaptable than traditional website designs. A JavaScript framework is a kind of tool that makes it easier for programming enthusiasts to code applications using JavaScript. It also makes it feasible for the programmer to code an application in a way that makes it device responsive. This responsive functionality is another benefit of why a programmer chooses the JavaScript framework over other higher-level languages. Also, the JavaScript framework comes in ready-made profiles tailored for specific purposes to improve functionality without the need to write code from scratch.

which javascript framework to learn

Let’s examine the 5 best JS frameworks for front-end development in 2022. If you’re a beginner developer or junior developer, I recommend you to start with react because it’s easier to learn than angular and gives you plenty of job opportunities. Another advantage of learning react is that you can easily and quickly learn react native to build mobile apps. Ask a developer which JS framework to learn first and you’re likely to hear React.js mentioned in the same breath as Vue . According to programming Q&A forum Stack Overflow, jobs targeting developers with React skills rose over 150 percent on their job boards between 2015 and 2016.


Regardless, React maintains very high satisfaction rates from users and is usually the top choice for developers looking to expand their skill set. React users cite the great community, many open-source options, and the wealth of emerging job opportunities.

  • So, if you’re looking to work in front-end development with a speciality in JavaScript, you can see how you could do worse than starting off learning React.
  • In 2016 the angular team completely rewrote angular and released angular 2 which had nothing in common with the previous version of angular.
  • Developed by a former Google Engineer, Vue is a lightweight framework that has an architecture focused on declarative rendering and component composition.
  • ‍Angular is a full-blown framework or a complete solution because of this it has a steep learning curve.
  • It works in the JavaScript Runtime environment and shows JAVA’s similar properties like threading, packaging, and forming loops.
  • Like React, Svelte is not precisely a framework; it’s a compiler-as-a-framework that turns Svelte code into vanilla JavaScript to achieve faster performance than React or Vue.
  • If your project is small and doesn’t require interactive capabilities, a framework may not be necessary, and you would be better with vanilla JavaScript.
  • But since we expect it to grow — keep an eye on it in the coming years.

You can start by learning one or two and gradually add more as you become more comfortable. Created in 2011 by Yehuda Katz, Ember is an MVC (Model-view-Controller ) framework that developers can use to develop both desktop and mobile applications and single-page applications. These features make it easier for developers to change the style, use binding direction (v-bind) and create fixed values for HTML attributes. React is a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces.

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React is a functional programming framework that offers several features, including the ability to make beautiful UIs quickly. Node.js is a server-side JavaScript run-time environment, which works on cross platforms and is open-source.

How much ReactJS developer earn?

Reactjs Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 14.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 5.4 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 1.2k salaries received from Reactjs Developers.

A framework dictates the overall design, while a function lets you choose the details. Developers will have their own opinion on this question, and like any such open-ended question, there is no single best framework for JavaScript. However, React is the most popular JavaScript framework by a good margin.

The History of JavaScript: ECMAScript, TC39, and beyond

This is a framework-agnostic library that every javascript developer should be familiar with. What’s cool about Svelte is that it takes a new approach to build frontend components. The framework uses compile-time magic to build an application for the browser, instead of Virtual DOM manipulation! This gives Svelte a significant speed advantage since it doesn’t need to run so much in the browser instead the application is sent as vanilla JavaScript to the browser. The browser receives only the necessary parts which decrease the size of your overall website!

  • For folks who are more interested in back-end development, then it’s “Node.js all the way,” Jiwon says.
  • React can be added directly to HTML pages, after which it can be expanded throughout the page or limited to specific interactive widgets.
  • Balachandran says that when she started working in development, frameworks hadn’t yet come into their own and jQuery was considered the Swiss Army knife of JavaScript.
  • They provide you with libraries, documentation, and resources that you can use to write elegant, performant digital experiences.
  • It offers features that allow you to extend HTML vocabulary for your application.

Quite easy to learn, Backbone is used to create Single Page Applications. The development of this framework uses the idea that all the server-side functions must flow through an API, which helps achieve complex functionalities with less code. Though not quite as common as it once was, the Aurelia framework is useful for developing far more robust websites. This JS framework can extend the HTML for several purposes, including data binding. Its modern architecture ensures that the purpose of toll is for interpretation client-side and server-side at a time. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, object-oriented, and prototype-based programming styles.

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Despite what a dumpster fire this year has been, some good insights and trends have emerged from the JavaScript ecosystem. React is still the King of frontend frameworks but as we’ve seen things change quickly. Svelte has the eye of many developers and Vue.js is still hugely popular, so let’s see what the future holds. Lodash is one of the most downloaded NPM libraries and maybe the most downloaded utility library in the javascript ecosystem.

which javascript framework to learn

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