What is a White Label Mobile App? Definition & Examples

Plus, the more features you want to be customizable, the higher will cost be. The secondary palette is responsible for coloring most backgrounds, sections, etc. Here, you can add basic white and black with several shades from lighter to darker tones. This palette probably won’t be too heavy in terms of data so there’s no need to exclude some of them even if clients think that they won’t need it.

  • Each client will be able to add their own brand identity elements and choose features from a variety of pre-built functionalities.
  • With your own app, you need to potentially hire your own delivery drivers so that customers receive their food.
  • To make the app as custom as possible and still keep all the benefits (like cost-efficiency) that make white-label apps demanded, you can make in-app UI features adjustable.
  • Every restaurant has common needs when pursuing an online delivery app and going with a white-label service ensures that those needs are met.
  • Tenants are free to choose to update the app whenever they want in the future since they’re not bound to any other tenant or server, meaning that updates don’t apply to them in any way.
  • Taking the rising demand into account, the number of white-label app providers started to increase as well.
  • Strengthen your brand image with customized UI on business apps and by showcasing it on your form URLs and dashboards.

For example, whether it’s technically possible to make a white-label app out of an existing solution. You decide on every element of your app including the UI/UX design.

The ability to customize down to your forms themselves

The way in which your business operates can be dramatically improved with the implementation of your very own white label app. To build a single-tenant white-label app, developers reuse the backend code , but change the frontend of the app. In other words, while using the same technical architecture, the apps can have more UI customization options and a higher level of user engagement. Zoho Creator’s white-label feature allows you to maintain your brand identity across client-facing applications. Strengthen your brand image with customized UI on business apps and by showcasing it on your form URLs and dashboards.

whitelabel app

White label app platforms are distinct in offering an established platform on which to build. They are not the thousands of custom software development firms that will create a native mobile app for you to your exact specifications. So, if you are interested in selling solutions that will help your white-label partners grow, we are here to help you with our white-label mobile app development services. In fact, you can white-label everything from apps and content to services and hardware products. Besides, you should distinguish between B2B and B2C white-labeling.

Build apps with best-in-class branding features

Provide an easy-to-launch product rather than focusing on covering each detail and take a lot of time to perfect it. So, let’s briefly review some use cases when it might be more suitable for you to opt for one of two options.

  • Even though the concept of white-labeling applications isn’t that sophisticated, there might be quite a few confusions.
  • Besides, you should distinguish between B2B and B2C white-labeling.
  • Have not that many clients but have a long-term partnership with most of them.
  • It may obtain an immediate solution and launch it in the market for rapid profits.
  • Perform centralized management of user authentication and access rights.

You’re able to brand the app specifically to your business so that people who’re searching for your restaurant find you quickly. When they use your app, it’s completely focused on your brand.

FirstHomeCoach app and its main features

White-label applications are excellent for transforming your business. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when there are white-label applications available for you to employ. You can also check how White Label Food Delivery App Is The Best to learn more about white-label apps.

How do mobile apps make money?

The majority of top-grossing apps combine mobile advertising with in-app purchases for revenue generation. Purchases of in-app resources, subscriptions, and freemium upsell are among the highest-earning monetization methods.

We at Stormotion have been working on a project that helps to convert websites into apps and offers white-label solutions. So, from our experience, not even a single app was deleted in several years. However, in this case, you would have to stick to the type of product that you have. For example, if you have a native app but want to build a white-label progressive web app, you won’t be able to reuse the code . Thus, you can ask your development team to make a white-label solution based on this code.

Who can use white labelled apps?

Multi-tenant white-label applications share a single infrastructure while supporting multiple partners. This means that you provide both the frontend and backend of the application to your clients via the cloud, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each client will be able to add their own brand identity elements and choose features from a variety of pre-built functionalities.

When compared to an offline firm or marketplace, selling online is considerably more accessible. And marketing with Yelo not only helps you sell your products/services online. Yelo serves as a one stop marketplace to increase your company’s web exposure and generate leads for your products and services. Post-release Support and Maintenance — The software businesses that offer white-label apps such as Whatsapp Clone, guarantee support and maintenance once the app is published. Customization — With white-label applications, the app can be heavily customized to reflect the brand’s image. This is useful when a customer wants to sync a product or service with its website and social media networks. Investment Is Low — Yes, white-label applications, or white-label mobile ordering apps, do not require any significant initial expenditure.

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