5 Reasons to Choose Node js

You combine Node with Chrome and you get a very fast environment. If you understand how Node works, it has an event loop that processes all code that is ready to run. So you aren’t “hurry-up and waiting” as you suppose. You get on with other things, and once the database call finishes, execution will continue to the callback which is invoked after the database call returns. So, you get the same basic abilities as a multi-threaded environment without all the extra overhead incurred by thread-state swapping. Because you don’t get “time slicing” you have to be careful that no piece of code takes too long to run, and if it does, you just break it up using packages like “async”. Since Node.js uses fewer threads, it utilizes fewer resources/memory, resulting in faster task execution.

It makes for more scalable apps since individual parts of the app can be scaled down as needed without affecting the entire system. You can use as many libraries as your project requires. You either create these yourself or download and use existing ones via the Node Package Manager.

PHP vs JavaScript: An In-Depth Comparison of the Two Scripting Languages

As you see, there are quite a lot of cases where the use of Node.js will add to your application performance and reliability. At the same time, when musing about why we use Node.js in web development, we should also mention other aspects that belong to the organizational rather than technical matters. Node.js, being an open-source project, encourages support and contribution aimed at the improvement and adoption of the platform. This is the mission of its Foundation intended for continuous development and enhancement of Node.js. Therefore, you can be sure that, on one hand, Node.js is always getting better and, on the other hand, there are already a lot of reusable resources.

It will end up the same way as it did last time, being talked about with disgust like classic asp and perl cgi. I can only conclude the developers championing it now were just not around to see the fallout of this last time around.

AWS Managed Services

It is the most secure and maintainable time manipulation library and is preferred for solving problems of parsing, formatting, and working with time forms. Node.js is widely used for the back-end of applications, like using Express.js to build the back-end of classic web applications.

At the same time, while we have mentioned the great things that Node.js brings to web development, for fairness sake, we should also touch upon the Node.js disadvantages, as nothing is perfect. We will try to answer these questions to help you decide whether this environment is suitable for your project. Passport – Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js. Passport’s sole purpose is to authenticate requests. Forever – A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously (i.e. forever). Keeps your Node.js process up in production in the face of any unexpected failures.


Thus, the argument made for Node.js is actually contrary to the Microsoft recommendation; BTW, a recommendation I never quite understood. In any event, as a business ASP.NET developer, I am not sure if I would find any use for a Node.js implementation, though our web designer may. On another note, I would like to add my own opinion on the use of ORMs. However, because ORMs are high-level layers, they are usually not the most efficient options to use against databases whereas direct access through native providers are.

why use nodejs

What it really means is that Node.js is not a silver-bullet new platform that will dominate the web development world. Instead, it’s a platform that fills a particular need. You definitely don’t want to use Node.js for CPU-intensive operations; in fact, using it for heavy computation will annul nearly all of its advantages. Where Node really shines is in building fast, scalable network applications, as it’s capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which equates to high scalability. These are great examples of why Node is so much better than the competition at web services.

Node.js –Effective Tooling with NPM

For example, it’s possible to process files while they’re still being uploaded, as the data comes in through a stream and we can process it in an online fashion. This could be done for real-time audio or video encoding, and proxying between different data sources . In a multi-threaded request-response model, multiple clients send a request, and the server processes each one before sending the response back. However, multiple threads are used to process concurrent calls.

What makes NodeJS different?

Node. js is different from existing server-side frameworks because it is based on asynchronous events via JavaScript callback functionality and uses the JavaScript as a programming language. Moreover, everything inside Node. js runs in single thread.

As per my understanding with article, if you send any request to node server it will actually process on some background thread (libuv.dll). Now I want to post some file through node server, why it block the node server while it will actually process on background thread and when done , only response will be returned by node thread ? All request depending on a response from any of these types of services would block the calls…

Lightening fast, lightweight, smoother development and better performance these are some of the revolutionary changes brought by Node js in the web development field. Node js offers the freedom to creativity, abundant resources like NPM , which is a shared library of modules and tools.

  • To build APIs which are responsive, efficient, and lightweight, using NodeJS with Express would be the best choice.
  • JavaScript’s rising popularity has brought with it a lot of changes, and the face of web development today is dramatically different.
  • Thanks to how easy it is to create an API in Node, Node.js is also an excellent choice for developers creating microservice environments, as they link many APIs together.
  • In Node, blocking operations are the root of all evil—99% of Node misuses come as a direct consequence.
  • When I see ridiculous comments like this coming from node.js fanboi’s it makes me suspect that they’d be singing a different tune if node.js had decent RDBMS capabilities.
  • “It’s structural type system is better than the type system Java had back when I was coding in Java, and it’s much better than C and C++.” I can not take that.

Choosing the right languages, tools and platforms can determine a lot of aspects of the future app functioning – from the straightforwardness of development to the performance and efficiency. A server is responsible for taking client requests through its software , performing the required set of tasks, and finally sending responses back to the clients.

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