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The MortgageHippo platform can be easily adapted to deliver a great experience to our customers across multiple channels, from consumer direct to retail. Equally important, working with the MortgageHippo team has been a real pleasure. They are very responsive to our needs and just all around nice people to deal with. Enhance your mortgage production model and your existing workflows through industry-leading integrations for increased operational efficiency. We applied microservices to enable the necessary isolation between the app server and business processes.

  • After all, if well-chosen, all of these pieces result in greater efficiency and a shorter loan cycle, saving time and money on business processes.
  • The financial industry has lagged painfully behind other industries in this regard, and created a massive opportunity that has resulted in a thriving Fintech industry.
  • An intuitive dashboard that guides borrowers through the pre-approval and mortgage application while updating loan programs and rates in real time.
  • Adapted to your workflows, processes and loan origination strategies to exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Let’s take a look at some basic features that help you digitalize mortgage business.
  • The mortgage calculator helps customers find out whether they can get approved for personal loans.

It is the central hub where mortgage brokers log-in and operate on a daily basis. Citizens By investing in Blend’s digital solutions, Citizens modernized their customer-first approach. Deliver seamless customer journeys that drive growth, increase productivity, and deepen customer relationships.

Real results that hit home.

The flow of a Digital Mortgage Platform’s borrower portal creates opportunities to do exactly that. For example, your business could offer additional home insurance at the exact moment the borrower learns they will need it in order to buy their new house. In-context selling is a powerful tool, as it offers the ability to sell each borrower multiple products, greatly increasing the lifetime value – not to mention the retention – of each customer. Easily communicate with borrowers inside their portal, where you are equipped with the proper tools to address their needs quickly and easily. No more sending hundreds of e-mails back and forth with dubious attachments.

The personal loan application form is an online application’s underlying option. It would be great if you could split the process into specific steps, guide consumers throughout the loan processing, and show progress throughout the application. We are already seeing tremendous benefit from consumers no longer abandoning applications and increased capacity for our sales force due to reduced time spent on loan structuring. More than that, we are enjoying significant operational pickup and accelerated decisioning due to the quality and completeness of files created in Cloudvirga.

It negates the need to build in-house systems:

Digital Mortgage Platforms are constantly updated with new features and the latest security. Solutions that are designed to stay ahead of key regulatory and compliance requirements that identify and rectify potential loan level risk. Powers reporting and analytics to drive actionable insights and smarter business decisions.

  • They are very responsive to our needs and just all around nice people to deal with.
  • Digital Mortgage Platforms are constantly updated with new features and the latest security.
  • To digitalize mortgage business, you should comply with local laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Our mission is to automate everything automatable for the residential mortgage industry.
  • Most home-buyers experience stress when obtaining a mortgage, so financial technology should substantially ease the level of anxiety.
  • Control default deal assignments from various intake portals and route various referral sources to specific teams and team members.
  • More efficient loan origination, automation and happy brokers (due to performing “higher quality”, less tedious work) all lead to an improved bottom line.

Our vision has been to deliver a seamless digital experience to our members throughout the mortgage process. Efficiency is increased through improved workflows, automation, and the implementation of artificial intelligence where applicable. Since each in-house mortgage broker can originate more mortgage loans with the Digital Mortgage Platform, your brokerage’s bottom line is greatly increased. An increasing number of loan firms evolve by using advanced software solutions and running world-class operations. If you’re pondering whether it’s a good choice to build a custom solution to digitize the mortgage business, you better start moving. Adopting a Digital Mortgage Platform gives a massive technological edge over the competition. As a mortgage broker, utilizing a Digital Mortgage Platform provides advantages over institutional lenders in terms of both service and efficiency.

Improve Efficiency and Decrease Costs

First, they will conduct business analysis, write a technical specification, estimate software development cost, then plan the project as a whole. Second, you both should clarify a mortgage app development workflow, define the feature set, and design an application concept. After setting up project milestones, the development team will start building the minimum viable product .

The right Digital Mortgage Platform provider can have a significant impact on the future success of your mortgage brokerage. They now have access to a vast array of mortgage lenders at the tip of their fingers. Competing at this elite level of service requires the cutting-edge experiences that only a modern Digital Mortgage Platform can provide. A Digital Mortgage Platform solves these problems by being open and interconnected. Improved workflows and increased efficiency is the natural conclusion of optimizing a Digital Mortgage Platform to fulfill your unique business requirements.

Automated compliance

Boost margins through productivity– collect, review, and approve financial and other borrower documents – from any device, anytime. To streamline document management, the mortgage LOS platform should utilize automated digital recognition and optical character recognition to distinguish and read texts, as well as catch errors. Bring traditionally back-office tasks up front while reducing risks and costs. Package all loan types, quote rates, compare loan products, disclose, eSign, manage conditions and more. Personalized LO landing pages will allow your loan officers to capture more referrals and truly run their own business. If you believe Finmo would be a good fit for your mortgage brokerage, pleaseschedule a demo with a discovery call with us to get started. Attract and keep high performers by putting your brokerage’s commitment to modern technology front and centre.

SimpleNexus is a homeownership platform uniting the people, systems, and stages of the mortgage process into a seamless end-to-end solution. Our low-code, drag-and-drop design tools allow development of new products in record time. Help customers harness the value of their homes with a modern home equity experience. Mortgage Suite Deliver seamless digital journeys from application to close. Compete with the big guys– give your borrowers the simple digital experience they expect – including a private-labeled native app in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Bring in lending partners– support retail/direct, wholesale brokers, and correspondent lending, among other more complex business models. We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software.

Exceptional customer experience

We offer customizable implementation packages, advisory consulting, custom solutions development, and project management. Our Professional Services representatives are ready to help you optimize your system and improve operational efficiencies so you can get the most out of your investment. Deepen relationships by delivering personalized offers in the moments that matter to your customers. Accelerate customer acquisition with a unified platform for consumer loans and deposit accounts. Delivering superior customer experiences while maximizing operational efficiency. Equip your teams to delight customers through the mortgage process and beyond. Consolidate and streamline lead management– this includes your digital leads purchased, your referrals from home builders or real estate agents, or from other digital channels.

The result is the majority of Digital Mortgage Platforms are built from the ground up to be flexible enough to fit virtually any business structure requirements. Previous generations of mortgage systems exists largely in closed, siloed environments. These environments create inefficient workflows as communication to and from the mortgage origination systems is largely inflexible.

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