What is Fullstack JavaScript

Generate a new id for the phonebook entry with the Math.random function. Use a big enough range for your random values so that the likelihood of creating duplicate ids is small.

The unique address we will use for an individual note is of the form notes/10, where the number at the end refers to the note’s unique id number. The URL for the entire collection of all note resources is /api/notes. In the script there is no need to specify the node_modules/.bin/nodemon path to nodemon, because npm automatically knows to search for the file from that directory. In order to get the new version of our application into use, we have to restart the application. Even though the execution of the project works when it is started by calling node index.js from the command line, it’s customary for npm projects to execute such tasks as npm scripts.

Node.js facilitates development of real-time applications

Test that your functionality works with either Postman or the Visual Studio Code REST client. The page has to show the time that the request was received and how many entries are in the phonebook at the time of processing the request. Notice that the forward slash in the route api/persons is not a special character, and is just like any other character in the string. First, we find out the largest id number in the current list and assign it to the maxId variable. This method is in fact not recommended, but we will live with it for now as we will replace it soon enough.

Is Node.js easy to learn?

Node is popular

Aside from being one of the most popular programming languages on the planet, JavaScript is powerful and easy to learn (though sometimes difficult to master).

Middleware functions have to be taken into use before routes if we want them to be executed before the route event handlers are called. There are also situations where we want to define middleware functions after routes. In practice, this means that we are defining middleware functions that are only called if no route handles the HTTP request. Let’s implement our own middleware that prints information about every request that is sent to the server.

Node.js can help you land a job

Unlike with the start and test scripts, we also have to add run to the command. The versioning model used in npm is called semantic versioning. As mentioned in part 1, browsers don’t yet support the newest features of JavaScript, and that is why the code running in the browser must be transpiled with e.g. babel. The situation with JavaScript running in the backend is different. The newest version of Node supports a large majority of the latest features of JavaScript, so we can use the latest features without having to transpile our code.

  • Using programming and application development best practices and incorporating security into the development process can minimize security concerns.
  • Using streams, Node.js breaks up modules into smaller pieces, which it processes individually, without keeping the entirety of the data in memory at once.
  • Uhm, PHP definitely trumps JS when it comes to a badly designed language that got hacked together over years.
  • JS is the best language which was designed in 10 days.

In the last two lines, we will loop through what we got from req.body and change the values of our post to the new values. If everything goes smoothly we respond with a status code of 200 and send back a JSON with the updated post. Safety means that the executing request must not cause any side effects in the server. By side-effects we mean that the state of the database must not change as a result of the request, and the response must only return data that already exists on the server. Sometimes when you’re debugging, you may want to find out what headers have been set in the HTTP request. One way of accomplishing this is through the get method of the request object, that can be used for getting the value of a single header.

Full Stack Node.js

Head to the collection tab, located on the left hand corner, and create a new collection by clicking the + icon. The last two imports are our routes and DB that we created earlier. I highly recommend that you check out the documentation express provides and read through it.

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