Top 15 Java Project Ideas for Beginners Columbia Engineering Boot Camps

The projects in this list focus on different skills needed to build out a well-rounded Java skill set; progressing in difficulty as the list continues. Sudoku Game is something which almost every one of us must have played. This game is all related to logic-building so once you play this, it gets easy for you to build logic so building this application is of great use.

The concept appears to be easy but it is not that effortless to implement. The apps are programmed in a way that they should be compatible with various databases like SQL and NoSQL. As soon as you get finished with a standard billing system, you can move to creating an electricity billing system to get more practice.

Why Java?

Being an object-oriented programming language, Java is much closer to the real world than most other languages. Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and dynamic binding are but some of the many features of the OOP paradigm. Completing a degree in computer science allows students to learn coding-oriented skills across multiple years of study. Typically, degree programs require four years of full-time study (or longer if a student is only taking classes part-time). Costs vary depending on scholarships that are available and how many credit hours a student needs to graduate.

  • When starting a game, you’ll get a red dot playing it instead of the bird.
  • An Airline reservation system is considered to be one of the great ideas to develop using Java programming language.
  • In this game, the player controls a snake, and the objective is to eat as many bits of food as possible.
  • But sadly, just mentioning “I know Java” on your resume isn’t going to be enough, is it?

These projects are slightly more basic by nature and can be more easily done than the others. They have pretty straightforward requirements and don’t require a huge amount of time to build or code.

Brick-Breaker Game in Java

This web-based gaming app is often referred to as interactive fiction. This number guessing game is an easy project built on Java where the player has to guess a number given in between a range. It also has the concept of limited attempts where the player has to guess the number within the limited attempts given. People use this application basically for business, shares, and finance-related areas where currency exchange and money transfer happen daily. Just enter the amount, the currency to which you want to transform to, click enter and you get the output.

  • Project-based learning helps teach many concepts which the main theory can never teach.
  • This project is a very basic project in Java that is used to convert a currency from one to another.
  • You will create a management system for the web platform that will allow community managers to revise and access consumer data in order to improve customer satisfaction.
  • And of course, the project becomes a bit more challenging if you need to deal with multimedia as part of the email body as well.

A sum-based project is a great way to get started with Java programming. The project is quite simple — the user will input two numbers , and the program will add them together and present the sum of A + B. JavaTPoint offers a great guide for a Sum A + B project, and working through this type of project can help you become familiar with Java processes. The Criminal Face Detection System application is built to detect the faces of criminals by matching them with the pre-existing data in the database. Although, there are so many ways to identify a criminal this could be the best way, and also building this project for advanced programmers is easy. An online resume builder provides different standard templates that can be downloaded in different formats like PDF and others.

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It is widely used for many purposes, like Alexa, Cortana, Google translate, security, and much more. Smart-City provides services like Hotel booking, Ticket booking, Transport facility providing, business-related information, marketing details, city news, shopping details. Online Courier Service project deals with the ‘Courier Service management System.’ The system will be used for day-to-day activities.

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When you finish up with the last subtask, your game is ready and you can even share it with your peers by sending them a link to the published game. He an enthusiastic geek always in the hunt to learn the latest technologies.

Virtual private network

This is a simple program that can get you started working with web APIs. APIs allow two applications to talk to each other, and they’re an important part of many programming projects. APIs are commonly used in projects that interact with web-based applications, so understanding how to use them can help you become a more accomplished programmer.

It might not be the most complicated project, but it can teach you valuable skills because currency converter programs require the use of APIs in a slightly more complicated way. This project may appear simple, but it can be directly applied to your life. Have you tried using a budget app but didn’t feel like it had all of the features you wanted? Coding Android applications requires using an integrated development environment called Android Studio. This environment will allow you to code across Android app ecosystems. You can also create text documents and the system gives you the feature to edit the text entered in it.

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