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Matthew also serves on the board of BitGive, a nonprofit foundation that improves philanthropic impact with blockchain technology. Cambridge, United Kingdom Kris Marszalek Kris Marszalek has held a number of executive roles in ventures ranging from e-commerce solutions to mobile app development. He is a seasoned entrepreneur based in Hong Kong who has a successful track record of building and scaling companies rapidly to multimillion dollar revenues. He founded crypto debit card and payments platform Monaco in 2016, which raised $26.7 milllion in an initial coin offering in the spring of 2017.

By summer 2014 the team had increased to over 30 people – fully tiered and structured. Tourist services which accept Bitcoin to pay for travelling tours, airline tickets, guide services and booking hotels are gaining popularity. In this article we look at three more travel agencies, where anyone can book a tour or a vacation with digital money.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing For A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Prior to Blockchain Capital, Stephens was a managing partner and co-founder of Stephens Investment Management, a family-owned and -operated hedge fund and venture capital firm. His professional background also includes executive positions at companies such as E-Trade Financial Corporation, and Ivanhoe Capital.

London, United Kingdom Warren Whitlock Warren Whitlock is a digital business development strategist. His main areas of focus are exponential growth in blockchain, media, and e-commerce. New York Perianne Boring Perianne Boring is the founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s largest trade association representing the blockchain industry, which she established in 2014. House of Representatives, advising on finance, economics, tax and healthcare policy. A powerful influencer, Perianne Boring has served as a speaker at a number of high-profile blockchain events.

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He was among the first members of academia to show an interest in Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A native of Australia, Rupert Hackett attended and finished the first available master’s program for cryptocurrencies and blockchain at the University of Nicosia. He is especially relevant to buyers and traders of cryptocurrencies who want to generate revenue.

San Francisco, California Akon Akon spent most of his early childhood in Senegal, which has an enduring influence on his creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. His Lighting Africa initiative has provided electricity to 15 countries in Africa. He is currently a major proponent of cryptocurrencies and currently has plans to launch his own cryptocurrency, Akoin, which will be used to power the economy of a new “crypto-city” in Africa.


Seattle, Washington Alan Silbert Alan Silbert has more than 20 years of experience at top, regulated financial institutions now building a regulated cryptocurrency and security token trading platform at INX. His primary background was in commercial banking – risk management, underwriting, negotiation, portfolio management, and closing of senior debt transactions. He worked with multiple regulatory bodies in the U.S. on banking, lending, cryptocurrency and security token issues.

  • Muneeb gives guest lectures on cloud computing at Princeton and his research publications have over 1,300 citations.
  • During his executive MBA at Nyenrode/Kellogg/Stellenbosch he started in the banking industry.
  • Los Angeles Pavel Durov Pavel Durov’s first major business, VK, permanently changed social networking throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • USA Vijay Raghunathan Vijay Raghunathan is the co-founder of Praying Mantis, a technology startup working on emerging technologies like Digital Twins, AI, and Blockchain.
  • Washington, DC Christine Lagarde Christine Lagarde graduated from Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, where she obtained master’s degrees in English, labor law and social law.
  • The same connection is between Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency.

He is the CIO and managing partner of BlockTower Capital, a blockchain and crypto investment company. Srinivasan previously served as CTO of the digital wallet platform Coinbase and as co-founder and CEO of, which was acquired by Coinbase. Balaji S. Srinivasan is a payment tech consultant currently working as an angel investor supporting new business ventures and start-ups.

Build A Crypto Community

Due to traditional digital advertising losing its relevance to the blockchain community, crypto influencers are an essential alternative. For instance, since 2016, Reddit placed a ban on cryptocurrency ads, Google also banned cryptocurrency ads, and Twitter did likewise. In the blockchain community of ICO investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, influencers are persons whose opinions can affect the worth of cryptocurrencies. Joshuwa specialises in developing digital marketing campaigns for top brands and athletes apart from blockchain firms such as Hurify and BEAT Token. He is the founder and CEO of, a website providing crypto related news, and, a social marketing agency.

crypto influencers

Dan Larimer has gone on to be one of the few individuals who can boast of having launched several open-source blockchain projects. His first project was BitShares, which allows users to tokenize and exchange all kinds of assets, including real-world ones. Many curious people reached out to Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 to discuss Bitcoin after its launch. One was Dan Larimer, a young computer science graduate from the University of New York. Camila Russo Russo Markets and crypto reporter for Bloomberg @business in New York. Large advertising campaigns widely boost brand recognition, but influencer campaigns increase organic interests, drive community growth and build brand reputation.

Once your audience find their way to your website, we’ll keep them engaged and interested by providing creative content that will evoke the core of your brand. Sharing your story will help build a better relationship with your potential consumers and investors, developing an effective community willing to support you all the way. We’ll provide you with excellent SEO to make your brand more visible to the public, leading to an increase in your exposure. The most successful way to effectively drive traffic to your website, while also providing you solutions to any issues you might encounter and seeking more advantageous opportunities even before its launch. Our passion and commitment to digital growth can ensure you a successful future for your ICO SEO. Enjoy the benefits of our wide network of connections by allowing us to provide you with the best exposure and partnership opportunities you could hope for. Our PR services can help you reach maximum exposure that will ensure a more effective approach to the ICO market.

Before he started BTC China, Bobby Lee worked at IBM, Microsoft, Walmart and other major companies in positions such as CTO, VP and SVP. Bobby Lee is a graduate of Stanford University and has a MSc in computer science.

His career has included senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank, Visa, VeriSign, and Hushmail. He is a former Executive Director and board member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Tokyo, Japan Tiff Hayden Tiff Hayden is a co-founder of Casheer, Inc., a free mobile payment processing platform for merchants and consumers.

Magazines such as Wired and Forbes have named Arrington one of the most powerful people on the internet. New York City Metropolitan Area Marta Piekarska Marta Piekarska is the director of ecosystem at Hyperledger, an umbrella project of open-source blockchain frameworks and related tools launched in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation. Piekarska received a Ph.D. in user-informed design of privacy tools while working as a security architect at Blockstream. As part of her role in Hyperledger, Piekarska promotes the technology at conferences around the world, helping enterprises figure out whether permissioned blockchains can be applied to their use cases. She is also the industrial director for the Blockchain Cambridge Society and serves on the advisory board for several blockchain startups. Cambridge, Massachusetts Andrew Yang Andrew Yang is best known for his current campaign for the 2020 U.S. He is also the founder of Venture for America, a nonprofit focused on creating jobs in ailing American cities.

crypto influencers

He is credited with writing Mastering Bitcoin, the first technical book on Bitcoin. He has also published Bitcoin-relatedThe Internet of Money, which are a great source to understand cryptocurrencies beyond the basics. He is a board member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association , a body that promotes, protects and guides the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Yangpu District, Shanghai, China Caitlin Long Caitlin Long, who had spent 22 years on Wall Street in senior roles, first came across Bitcoin in 2012 in Austrian School economics circles. She fully immersed herself in 2013 when an article on “how to” buy and store Bitcoin hit her inbox. With a passion for “honest ledgers” and the goal to make securities markets fairer by issuing and trading securities on a blockchain, Long was chairwoman and president of blockchain startup Symbiont until 2018.

Armstrong has often mentioned in his interviews that his dream is to turn Coinbase into an all-in-one crypto platform where customers can get a wide range of products and services with the touch of a button. We’ve made a list of the best blockchain influencers you should follow on Twitter or any other Social Network. We looked at all the individuals engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top influencers in blockchain. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below. We were very interested in seeing which blockchain influencers and brands were leading the online discussion, so we analysed tweets over the last 6 months mentioning the keywords blockchain OR “block chain”. We then identified the top 100 most influential brands and individuals leading the discussion on Twitter. What we discovered was a very engaged community, with much discussion between individuals and brands.

Dan is founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment firm focused exclusively on Bitcoin, other digital currencies, and companies utilizing blockchain technology. Video marketing for cryptocurrency companies is the best way to encourage consumers and investors to participate. Simple videos can inform the vast majority of people that blockchain is the future and cryptocurrencies are nothing to shy away from. The Daily Chain is a news platform and educational hub founded in January 2019. We are dedicated to providing unique and informative daily content across all facets of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry whether it be news, opinion pieces, technical analysis, reviews, interviews, podcasts and more.

Pair has 20 years of experience building software systems in the financial and telecommunications industries. Before founding BitPay, Pair held various roles including entrepreneur, architect, manager, team lead and developer. He started programming at a young age and spent much of his early career focused on programming languages, compilers, operating systems and virtual machines.

Why Are Influencers Essential In Crypto Space?

For the last five years, Kai Grunwitz has been responsible for the Cybersecurity business unit as Senior Vice President EMEA of NTT Security. He has worked more than 25 years in various management positions in the IT industry, including well-known companies such as Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Hong Kong Michael Terpin Michael Terpin is a blockchain investor and the founder/CEO of Transform Group. Terpin co-founded BitAngels, an angel investor network for digital currency startups. Terpin is also known for founding Marketwire, which was one of the world’s leading business newswires and which has since been merged with GlobeNewswire. Reno, Nevada Arianna Simpson Arianna Simpson is the founder and managing director of Autonomous Partners, a fund focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

These include moving the blockchain from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. He is also a common speaker at crypto events and conferences around the world. Ethereum is the second largest blockchain in terms of market capitalization after Bitcoin. However, it is the most used platform for launching third-party applications, tokens and initial coin offerings .

As a result, awareness of ConsenSys in Europe increased significantly among key media and influencers. Driven by a combination of effective press office execution, profile-raising activities and using engaging, informative content to educate both media and potential customers, we helped put ConsenSys firmly on the European map. He is currently writing blockchain related articles in various journals and publications. He firmly believes XRP can take over Bitcoin’s space as the leader in cryptocurrency sooner or later. If you are interested in the ripple cryptocurrency, Brad should be the foremost blockchain influencer in your following list.

This verification process can take days to settle a transaction and would normally involve a fee. It allows operations to be carried out simultaneously on several cryptocurrency exchanges (Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, etc.) using one account, both from a personal mobile device and from a computer.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts use Telegram to stay updated on industry news and there’s also untapped potential on Reddit for cryptocurrency companies. Using crypto-influencers for video marketing is a very real and valuable opportunity that companies should seriously consider.

San Francisco, California Charlie Shrem Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur and bitcoin advocate. In 2011 he co-founded the now-defunct startup company BitInstant, and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, formerly serving as vice chairman.

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