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Surprisingly, online Bootcamp graduates record the third-highest earnings of about $70,500. Employers seeregard Coding Bootcamps as an effective means of recruitingment medium for talented junior developers who may not have a conventional computer science degree.

How long does Python bootcamp take?

Bootcamps are intensive and often move quickly — usually lasting 12-24 weeks — and offer curricula rooted in practical, hands-on instruction that typically simulate real-world coding scenarios.

Additionally, you should endeavor to integrate programming exercises and free tutorials into your early education to help cement your new knowledge and give you opportunities to practice. Python is a widely used programming language that is object-oriented and high-level, meaning it more closely resembles human languages such as English. Because of its syntax, which incorporates English words, Python is considered easy to learn and use. Python also supports other programming paradigms, including functional and procedural, and runs on a variety of operating systems.

Key difference between in-person and online bootcamps

These hiring companies prioritize direct value above everything else, and this is what Bootcamp graduates bring to the table. You will learn how to build actual advanced applications using Advanced Level Concepts. You will understand the theory and intuition that several machine learning algorithms are based on.

Jess received a M.F.A. in Writing from the University of New Hampshire, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. The estimated starting salary of a Bootcamp graduate adds up to $66,964. California graduates are reported to earn the highest salaries, about $100, 482 on average.


Independent learners can set their own pace and timeframe, while those who learn Python through courses such as bootcamps will study at an intensive pace. In a fintech bootcamp, learners gain the cross-section of technical and analytical skills important to these jobs. Columbia Engineering FinTech Boot Camp begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of finance, including analysis and modeling, before moving to its technical modules. These cover working with databases and financial libraries, using machine learning applications in finance, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • Major tech companies such as Google and YouTube rely on Python for a solid, secure infrastructure.
  • Though Python is incredibly useful and in-demand, finding a bootcamp dedicated solely to it is actually quite difficult.
  • Python also uses high-level data types and is accompanied by an extensive library that interfaces with operating systems, engineering functions, internet protocols, and general programming.
  • And even at that, you won’t become a python professional or expert within that time frame.
  • So we encourage students to reach out 24/7, and learn efficiently from mentors who care.
  • This will make your training more straightforward and more comprehensive.

You may spend months or years working toward complete mastery, especially if you are committed to learning how to use relevant libraries and frameworks in addition to the language itself. Because Python places such a high focus on readability, it is often considered easier to learn than some other languages. Learning the fundamentals of Python without any prior knowledge or experience can take as little as two weeks. Once you are familiar with Python syntax and are comfortable completing exercises and practice problems, you can start working toward taking on your own projects.

Why do Employers Keep Hiring Coding Bootcamp Graduates?

Also the course content is really thoughtful, touches the length and breadth of various topics. I have a amazing online mentor…and prompt offline support from Martin and rest of the crew.

python coding bootcamps

You will create a portfolio featuring 100 projects to increase your chances when applying for jobs. On the whole, learning time should be 4-5 hours while practice should take 2-3 hours.

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