how to short altcoins: 5 Best Exchanges to Short Crypto- Top Crypto Shorting Platforms

how to short altcoins

Futures require pre-agreed transactions to take place on a set date, while options give the investor the choice to go through with the transaction or not. We encourage you to practice your bitcoin shorting strategy in our trading simulator with BTC futures before you put your hard-earned money at risk. If you’re interested in shorting crypto, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a head and shoulders pattern. This is a technical indicator that often signals a reversal in a trend, and it can be a good opportunity to short sell. Shorting crypto can be a risky proposition, but it can also be very lucrative for investors who correctly predict price movements.

how to short altcoins

After selecting the desired side, traders can enter the amount they want to pay and the leverage they want to use. The best way to explain short-selling crypto is by using an example using Bitcoin. The easiest way to short Bitcoin is to sell the actual asset using a trusted cryptocurrency exchange by converting BTC into traditional money. The individual has full control over the price to sell Bitcoin to cash and re-buy at a lower price to increase BTC holdings.

Can You Short Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

A put option particularly provides the holder the advantage of being able to sell their currency at its current prevailing price, even if the value falls in the future. As mentioned earlier, using futures or options necessitates a good grasp of crypto derivatives, market trends and risk management strategies. Alternatively, since Ethereum is exchanged in pairs such as BTC/ETH, you could simply go long in one of the other pairs in order to bet against Ethereum. Short-selling can be a risky proposition, but it can also be profitable if done correctly.

This fee does not apply to shorts, and withdrawing collateral from longs and shorts does not have this fee. Price is just one of several risks you will have to evaluate while shorting the cryptocurrency. Therefore, there isn’t sufficient data or information for investors to make an educated decision about its workings or feasibility as an asset. If an investor uses a margin to buy $5,000 in Bitcoin, for example, and its value drops by 50% in two days, this makes their investment only worth $2,500.

For example, Bitcoin futures mimic spot price changes, meaning they cannot be used as an effective hedge against an investment in actual Bitcoin. Similarly, options trading in Bitcoin can multiply losses due to the underlying cryptocurrency’s price volatility. Inverse exchange-traded products are bets that an underlying asset’s price will decline. They are similar to and use futures contracts in conjunction with other derivatives to produce returns. The only exchange-traded product available to residents of the U.S. is ProShares’ Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITI).

  • With CFDs, you don’t actually own the underlying asset — in this case, cryptocurrency.
  • The individual has full control over the price to sell Bitcoin to cash and re-buy at a lower price to increase BTC holdings.
  • There are 36 digital currencies that can be shorted with margin which is a limited offering, however, the fees are highly competitive starting from 0.02% (maker) and 0.05% (taker).
  • Sell off tokens at a price you are comfortable with, wait until the price drops, and then buy tokens again.
  • Cryptocurrency shorting, also known as short selling, has gained popularity among traders recently.

In addition, they owe the exchange or broker back the money they borrowed plus interest, which can result in major losses. With a CFD, investors don’t need to hold or store cryptocurrency, as it is instead settled in fiat. Also, as compared to futures that have predetermined settlement dates, CFDs have a more flexible settlement tenure. Binary options (call and put options) refer to the right to buy or sell a certain asset in the future at a set price.

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Whereas long trades involve the speculation that an asset’s price will rise, shorting necessitates taking on debt. If an investor is not cautious, they might have difficulty repaying debts related to their investments. Gold is investors’ favorite protection method against inflation and economic decline.

how to short altcoins

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The investor then sells these borrowed shares on the open market, hoping the price will drop. Once it does, the investor can buy back the shares at the lower price and return them to the broker, pocketing the difference in price as profit. In shorting cryptocurrency, the process is slightly different but follows a similar concept. Instead of borrowing actual units of a cryptocurrency from a broker, investors often use derivatives like futures contracts or contracts for difference (CFDs) to short crypto.

Just be sure to do your research and understand the risks before you get started. To short crypto on Kucoin, traders must deposit funds into their account and select the token they wish to short. Traders can then choose the amount to be shorted and select the Sell/Short button on the trading interface.

On the downside, shorting is a risky strategy since there’s no limit to how much you can lose if the price begins to rise. You could get caught in a “short squeeze” or a “bear trap” and end up losing a lot of money. You have to be right about both the direction of the market and the timing of your trade in order to make money. So, if you’re looking to profit from falling prices, shorting crypto may be the way to go.

What is Crypto Shorting?

Covo finance allows traders to close a position partially or entirely by clicking on the “Close” button. For long positions, profits are paid in the asset being longed, while for short positions, profits are paid out in the same stablecoin used to open the position. Crypto futures are contracts with a fixed expiry date, after which the contract is settled. Futures contracts are traded in standard contract sizes and have a settlement date in the future. CFDs have a more flexible settlement tenure than Bitcoin futures, which have predetermined settlement dates.

To do this, you borrow crypto from a broker or exchange, sell it, and hope to buy it back at a lower price. All of the “borrowing and returning” happens at the exchange level automatically and you profit the difference. Of course, if the price of Bitcoin goes up instead of down, you would still need to buy it back at that higher price in order to return it to the exchange you borrowed it from. So, short-selling crypto can be risky since there is no limit to the losses you can incur if prices rise. But if you’re right and the price does go down, you can make a nice profit. Another way to short crypto is through contract-for-difference (CFD) platforms.

  • When you purchase a CFD predicting that prices will decline, you are shorting Bitcoin.
  • This involves borrowing Bitcoin from the exchange and selling it at the current market price.
  • If you’re thinking of shorting crypto, be aware that a short squeeze could send prices soaring and leave you with hefty losses.
  • After selecting the desired side, traders can enter the amount they want to pay and the leverage they want to use.

Short-selling crypto can be a risky proposition, but if done correctly, it can be a profitable way to trade cryptos. Shorting is a process by which investors bet that a particular asset will decrease in value. Cryptocurrency shorting, also known as short selling, has gained popularity among traders recently.

One of the easiest and safest methods to short Bitcoin is to create an account with a cryptocurrency margin platform. There are several popular trading exchanges such as Binance, Kraken and Phemex that offer margin trading. Users can increase their position size by borrowing funds to short Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using leverage.

What sets ByBit apart from its competitors is the trading and charting terminal which is world-class. Best suited for intermediate to experienced traders, the user experience is more than adequate for shorting cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage. There is also a referral code for ByBit that gives a deposit bonus to short with on its futures platform.

Can You Short Crypto? Yes, and Here’s How

Overall, investors should approach shorting cryptocurrency with caution and be sure to educate themselves on the risks and strategies involved before attempting to short. You need to have a sound understanding of technical analysis and the risks involved with shorting. You should also have a clear exit strategy in place before you enter a short position — that means, knowing when to stop out for a loss as well!

how to short altcoins

So if you’re feeling bearish on the market, shorting crypto might be worth considering. Bybit has relatively low fees, with maker and taker fees of 0.10% each. However, the platform also charges a daily interest rate that fluctuates constantly but is around 0.006% for BTC and 0.009% for ETH. In addition to the high leverage, Bybit offers several different trading options for shorting, such as Inverse perpetual, USDT perpetual, and Inverse futures. Perpetuals, on the other hand, are similar to futures contracts but do not have a fixed expiration date. Perpetuals are traded with a funding rate periodically paid by one side of the contract to the other, keeping the contract price close to the underlying asset’s price.

For example, several issues related to Bitcoin forks are still unresolved. While established platforms like CME are safer and guarantee execution for Bitcoin derivatives, new platforms might start off “clunky” and be more susceptible to hacks. Yarilet Perez is an experienced multimedia journalist and fact-checker with a Master of Science in Journalism. She has worked in multiple cities covering breaking news, politics, education, and more.

Can Dogecoin be shorted?

The “shoulders” should be roughly equal in height, and the formation is usually followed by a drop in price. If you see this pattern forming, it’s a good time to consider shorting crypto. Additionally, shorting can help you hedge your portfolio against downside risk.

On the plus side, shorting allows you to profit from a decline in the price of an asset. So, if you think the price of Bitcoin is going to drop, you can short it and make money when it does. When you are ready to close your short position, you must buy back the Bitcoin perpetual contract you sold earlier. If the price of the Bitcoin perpetual contract has fallen, you will make a profit. Stablecoins or altcoins, such as USDC, DAI, BTC, or ETH, can support the collateral for short positions.

Shorting crypto on Coinbase is possible, but it is not possible using a margin account. Margin accounts allow you to borrow money from Coinbase to short sell cryptocurrency. There are various methods to short crypto which include spot with margin and futures markets.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and futures trading platforms allow the use of leverage or borrowed money to place bets on a fall in Bitcoin’s price. For those looking to short sell crypto, bitcoin futures can be a useful tool. By entering into a contract to sell bitcoin at a future date, you can lock in a price and then sell the coins when the price drops.

For this reason, some crypto exchanges like Binance make crypto traders take a test before engaging in derivatives trading. This is to ensure they understand the complicated financial products they’re using. Granted, they can find answers to these tests online, which means anyone can get into short trading if they really want to. However, such extra measures may deter inexperienced investors from jumping into short trading without a proper understanding of the risks involved. Additionally, the crypto market is highly volatile and rapidly changing, making it difficult to predict price movements accurately. If you’re thinking of shorting crypto, be aware that a short squeeze could send prices soaring and leave you with hefty losses.

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