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how to read smart contracts

However address should be new to you if you’re new to Ethereum development. At this point, you can read through all of the code that powers the Doodles NFT project to ensure that it functions as expected. As shown above, our search returns multiple results for CryptoPunks, but only the first collection is marked with the blue verified checkmark, indicating that this is the verified CryptoPunks collection. The ability to read a smart contract is a valuable skill that can be utilized in the context of Fundamental Analysis. Each day Shrimpy executes over 200,000 automated trades on behalf of our investor community.

Under the hood, a token’s smart contract contains a trove of important data around the distribution, function, and transaction volume of a token. Not only is this information valuable for evaluating the health of a project, but it can also make you a safer and more knowledgeable NFT enthusiast. When trying to parse a contract for the first time, you want to follow a strategy instead of aimlessly diving into the code. This is especial important if you want to learn how to read smart contracts without learning Solidity, as you can easily get lost in the syntax otherwise. Below is the process I use when trying to understand a new contract. If a feature was implemented but cannot be found in a repository, we can confidently say that it does not exist.

how to read smart contracts

To learn more about the functioning of smart contracts, we recommend reading the following lesson. Once you have the smart contract address and you’ve copied it, you can go to, paste it into the search bar, and hit enter to go to the smart contract’s page. As mentioned earlier, smart contracts are everywhere, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, Tezos, you name it. However, for the purpose of this article, we will use Ethereum and its de facto blockchain explorer Etherscan to understand how you can read smart contract data.

Blockchain has a culture of transparency, and generally speaking the coding for smart contract functions will be published for anyone to review and read. So, if you are into coding, you can check the contract code by clicking on “Contract” in the same tab where you checked the contract transactions. This visibility into the code will allow you to assess if the contract is legit or if it’s trying to siphon funds from its users. The best way to view a token’s smart contract is through Etherscan, a block explorer and analytics platform built on Ethereum.

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The presence of an event clues you in that this is important, and someone external to the blockchain could care when this happens. These functions promise not to modify the state of the contract’s data. Common examples are “getter” functions – you might use this to receive a user’s balance for example.

how to read smart contracts

Join here.Follow us on Discord, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Let’s click the contract address (circled in the screenshot). For this example, we will use the popular pfp project Azuki. In short, the tweet’s author had interacted with two scammers over months. Also located on the main contract page at the bottom of the more info box is a link for the token tracker.

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The more diversified the supply, the more distributed the project is, and the safer the token is from pump and dump practices. Searching and understanding the transactions that have happened through a smart contract. This tweet from February 13, 2022, provides a great example of why being able to read a smart contract is essential. Here, two scammers imitated the founders of a popular Solana-based game called Space Falcon and gifted the victim two NFTs that he could stake to earn rewards. In the code example below, we’ll read the balance of an account holding the Tether USD token. Every account and smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain has an address.

  • This link will take you to Etherscan, which is a blockchain explorer.
  • From blue-chip NFTs and decentralized finance protocols, to DAOs that aim to buy the U.S.
  • The longer (but safer) route to access a token’s smart contract is via a CryptoPunk’s token listing on an NFT marketplace.
  • Each smart contract stores in the blockchain the values of its persistent variables.
  • While marketplaces like Rarible and Foundation don’t link to the contract directly, they do link to the mint transaction where the contract address can be quickly found.
  • No matter how much you read about crypto, your best defense against scams is good judgment and a knowledge of the data you’re working with.

Should you require additional information, there is more information available here. The average user should not be burdened with having to learn an entire profession’s worth of technical skills to understand whether they’re about to sign away their life savings to a scammer. Here the constructor function provides an initial value for the dapp_name variable. If you’ve already programmed object-oriented languages, you’ll likely be familiar with most types.

Smart Contracts

We need the address to locate the smart contract and interact with it. Whether you’re a political junkie or just interested in current events. Lines 127 and 147 contain two function definitions with the same name. These functions use a feature called overloading, which means that since they take different arguments, they are allowed to have the same name. We’re going to look first at the function release(address payable account) function, which handles the withdrawal of Ether. Events are log messages emitted by the code for integration and good practice purposes, and don’t form part of the core logic.

I mention it so you don’t freak out when you lay eyes on the forest of brackets, and also so you know what pieces of code are grouped together. While there are ever more nuances to consider when reading a smart contract, the above covers most of what you need to know to protect yourself from scams and become an increasingly savvy web3 citizen. One easy way that non-developers can spot a scam is by checking the timestamp with public information related to the project’s release.

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A community with a large number of unique holders and many transfers is often much healthier and more active than a project where a few whales own the majority of the supply and tokens rarely change hands. Furthermore, the transfers tab below provides an immutable record of every transfer of a token in the collection, capturing the date, time, sale price, and wallet addresses of the parties involved. With smart contracts being so central to the space, being able to read their data is an essential skill for anyone using the ecosystem.

how to read smart contracts

Unexposed functions can only be called by the smart contract itself, ie. They will be triggered by calls within the code of exposed functions. For example, a call to an external function which deposits assets into an LP pool will trigger several bits of code, including an internal function call to mint LP tokens to your address. A smart contract has be poked by an Externally Owned Account (EOA) to initiate any activity. The EOA is the traditional “account” or “wallet”, consisting of a public and private key.

Since these are not stored permanently on the blockchain, they are much cheaper to use. Persistent data is referred to as storage and is represented by state variables. You need to declare the type so that the contract can keep track of how much storage on the blockchain it needs when it compiles. You will always get the same address with your balance from the same seed phrase. To transfer your account to another wallet (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, SafePal, Coin98, etc.) you just need to restore your account on the new wallet using the saved seed phrase.

Ethereum was the first blockchain built around the ideology of smart contracts. It has spawned many clones that differ from each other only by consensus algorithm and transaction gas. That’s why you can use the same address for BSC, Ethereum, Polygon blockchains. Once you know the contract’s address, you can view it on Etherscan.

ABI is an interface between the front end and the back end of a Dapp. ABI contains information about the functions present in the smart contact along with their parameters and return type. Bearing in mind the caveats, Etherescan says its feature will help developers and other interested parties to better understand code.

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