How to calculate the ROI of automated testing and its effectiveness

And that’s not the only TrainAway test automation case. We also applied automated tests to decrease the time required for regression testing.

You’ve automated them to save time by not doing the same thing every evening for the rest of your life. Reuse or redundancy of tests — there’s little reason to build a new test when an existing one can be repurposed. Modular scripts are one way to mitigate this, but there are others.

Ignoring ALL manual testing scenarios

We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software. Your QA team must be made up of testers for all testing jobs. The thing is, automated and manual tests aren’t mutually exclusive. It may be hard to be financially specific about how to measure automated success. While calculating saved hours is a snap, this isn’t the case with the cost of keeping new suites running since it may go up over time. Consider all new functional test cases across your projects, including how much time you can save by automating them and how time-consuming it is to implement them.

  • Calculating ROI on test automation is a measurement of how much QA time test automation saves.
  • Device fragmentation is a significant concern for every developer or tester involved.
  • It’s a metric that gives you a numerical representation of the return you can get by embedding an automation strategy into your QA workflows.
  • If you don’t have those people, you’ll need to hire them.
  • The two major factors involved in this process are the cost of automation test engineers and investment in testing tools.
  • If you suspect your testers are exhausted because of the never-ending flow of projects and tasks, automation is your way to retain them.
  • Automation can help reduce the cost of project development.

All these tools are open-source, provided, and distributed for free. But if during a product’s testing QA engineers need to use sophisticated tools, product owners should consider investing in these tools. And as we work on continuous delivery principles, we can start running autotests each time the code gets changed. We apply autotests when we’re developing large-scale projects with a high demand for quality – like medical or financial ones.

QA Test Automation: Best Practices

Additionally, mobile app testing tools, like Appium, come with the ability to schedule tests, meaning that developers can have test cases running overnight. But how big the ROI is going to fully depend on how test automation is adopted and executed. A human tester runs checks only during their eight-hour workday, and then the process stops. So the cost of manual testing completely depends on human resources. If the testing takes, let’s say, a week, there would be serious delays in the whole development process, which is not cost-effective at all.

automation testing roi

If you suspect your testers are exhausted because of the never-ending flow of projects and tasks, automation is your way to retain them. For testers, floundering through uncharted waters is as common as creating test scenarios. But when they write tests for something they aren’t good at, the likelihood of bugs in production increases astronomically. Defect leakage — the number of bugs “leaking” from development into production.

Don’t automate every single process right away

It is important to include the cost of training testers in test automation ROI calculations. If you’re estimating the cost of releasing software bugs, QA missing things needs to be factored into your ROI calculations.

How many times have your QA team signed off on a release, only to discover bugs in production? They’re a critical part of the software development life cycle.


The resulting savings should be crunched among key test automation ROI metrics. Because automation allows you to run multiple test cases and reuse them for other projects, you can test more by doing less. That means no redundant tests across your builds, which is a safety net for your budget. It shows whether automation is the best addition to manual testing for your company.

Practically, it is difficult to measure ROI in software testing, and measuring any test automation ROI is more challenging. Speed coupled with quality in a software development process is a continuing process, and it is impossible to ignore any of them. Every business needs to launch or update all the software products on time to offer greater customer satisfaction compared to other competitors. Every manual tester manually executes test cases for a fixed time every day. However, test automation tools practically work 24 hours a day, executing test cases automatically.

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