how to buy ordinals: Bitcoin Ordinals Where and How to Buy Them?

how to buy ordinals

Cursed Inscriptions are assigned negative numbers, serving as a pathway for their transformation into positive inscriptions. The introduction of these Cursed Inscriptions is expected to be embraced by exploration enthusiasts and marketplaces. The energy consumption of large blockchains is simply massive in scale, and Bitcoin is the largest blockchain in the world by market cap. What’s more, Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to validate transactions and add them to the blockchain, which is an extremely energy-intensive process.

  • You can buy BTC through various exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance or Kraken.
  • But since January, that list has grown to include and others.
  • What’s more, users can browse and filter specific collections of ordinals before jumping into a trade.
  • Unisat wallet is one of the newest open-source wallet on the chrome extension for Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

Its currently ranked number 17 in terms of all-time high trading volume for Bitcoin NFTs. The DeGods community, initially a dominant player within the Solana ecosystem, is cementing its impact across multiple blockchain networks. Each Bitcoin is broken into 100,000,000 units called satoshis (or sats). The new Ordinals protocol allows people who operate Bitcoin nodes to inscribe each sat with data, creating something called an Ordinal. That data inscribed on Bitcoin can include smart contracts, which in turn enables NFTs. In rough terms, Ordinals are NFTs you can mint directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

Next, you’ll need to identify a reputable marketplace that deals in Ordinal NFTs. Navigate to your desired marketplace, and you will be prompted to connect your wallet. You can browse Digital Artifacts on Magic Eden similar to how you normally would. However, Bitcoin transactions take time to be confirmed, this can take upwards of 7 minutes. The time it will take will vary depending on the activity on the Blockchain. To buy and sell Bitcoin Ordinals on, you need to connect your wallet.

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With Inscription 20,219,  the team minted 10,000 Ordinals into a single Inscription, making it one of the first 10k collections on Bitcoin. The OCM team notes that the size of the Inscription is less than 20,000 bytes, making their method a scalable model for other collections to use to create NFTs on Bitcoin without clogging the network. All this to say that Ordinals on Bitcoin may not only signal a cultural change for Bitcoin—they may actually be a technical improvement on NFTs. With that as the backdrop, here’s how to buy, receive, and store your first ordinals.

how to buy ordinals

Due to its size and PoW consensus mechanism, Bitcoin is leagues beyond other blockchains when it comes to energy requirements. The space has been buzzing since software engineer Casey Rodarmor launched the protocol on January 21, with some excited about the new upgrade and others swearing Ordinals off entirely. There are currently more than 10 million Ordinals minted at the time of writing. It is important to follow some of these influencers in order to gain market insights and the latest news about the Ordinals space. These individuals spend the most time in this space and thus they have more experience and are able to provide useful guides and tips from time to time.

Considerations With Ordinal NFTs

Before you can complete a transaction on the Magic Eden Ordinals Marketplace, you need to prepare your wallet. When you make your first transaction, a message will appear on your screen. If you follow this guide, you should not send BTC to or from this Ordinals wallet.

  • First, it’s essential to understand a few critical points about Ordinals that the average NFT enthusiast might not know.
  • You can do this by clicking the familiar button at the top right of the screen.
  • You can open the vault to claim your Bitcoin inscription on the Bitcoin network, but if you do, the vault token will no longer be tradeable on Ethereum.
  • This data is encoded in a unique format that is not readable by humans, but is securely stored on the Bitcoin blockchain and can be used to verify the ownership of an Ordinal.
  • The DeGods community, initially a dominant player within the Solana ecosystem, is cementing its impact across multiple blockchain networks.

In addition, you have to be mindful of your investment approach, crypto storage, and other aspects of buying and trading . Even though Ordinals NFTs are inscribed into normally fungible Bitcoin tokens, the process makes each satoshi (1/100,000,000 of a Bitcoin) unique and non-fungible. Since Bitcoin standards do not formally recognize Ordinals, experts debate the use cases. Benzinga put together a guide to help you navigate the exciting realm of Ordinal NFTs.

Connecting Your Wallet

Sparrow wallet is a desktop application that requires a handful of steps to make it compatible with Ordinals. Once you’ve downloaded Sparrow, follow this detailed tutorial on Github to make an Ordinal-compatible wallet. BRC-20 tokens, created by anonymous developer Domo in March 2023, represent an experimental standard similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, built on the Bitcoin blockchain. To illustrate, some NFT projects update the metadata of individual NFTs to improve image quality. They might even ask their holders to click the “refresh metadata” button on OpenSea to get the new, higher-quality image.

Xverse is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin Ordinals. To make trading more accessible, they created ‘vaults’ where you can store your Bitcoin inscriptions. Vaults are like little treasure chests that live on the Ethereum blockchain, and they contain the private keys to your Bitcoin inscription. You can open the vault to claim your Bitcoin inscription on the Bitcoin network, but if you do, the vault token will no longer be tradeable on Ethereum. Alternatively, you can keep your inscription in the vault on Ethereum for easier trading and transfer.

To help you decide which marketplace is right for you, we’ve hosted some of these dashboards below. You can buy BTC through various exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance or Kraken. These platforms allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies like USD, EUR or GBP. Once your BTC is acquired, you will be able to transfer it to the wallet you set up.

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Bitcoin Frogs, a set of 10,000 frog-themed digital art pieces, were minted in late February 2023. On May 17, 2023, Bitcoin Frogs became the most traded collection across all chains within 24 hours, even surpassing Bored Ape Yacht Club. Originally minted for free, it is now one of the most traded NFTs on Bitcoin, with a sales volume of over $12 million. Many fascinating collections and eye-popping sales took shape, with some individual pieces selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ordinal Punks is one of the most notable projects to emerge in these early days.

how to buy ordinals

With this information, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and confidence required to start investing in . Gamma is a relatively new NFT marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals, but they do allow creators and projects to inscribe their own Ordinals on the website as well as launch their own collection. Some of the NFT marketplaces you can buy Ordinals includes Ordinals Wallet website and Unisat Wallet. However, there are also other marketplaces that focuses solely on the buying and selling of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. Unisat wallet is one of the newest open-source wallet on the chrome extension for Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. It has been starting to gain popularity with the implementation of Ordinals inscription option and NFT marketplace option on their website.

Buying cryptocurrencies can seem daunting at first, especially for those who are new to the world of digital assets. However, with the right knowledge and tools, buying can be a very straightforward process that includes choosing a crypto exchange, creating an account, verifying it, adding funds, and making a purchase. The ordinals protocol has gained popularity in the crypto space, with some proponents seeing it as a way to create new protocols and BRC-20 tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. Gamma, for example, has launched a trustless Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace. Its goal is to deliver a “remarkable Web3-native experience,” combining an open marketplace, creator tools, and integrations with secure third-party wallet extensions.


If you send BTC from this new Ordinals wallet, you may accidentally send both your BTC and your Ordinal(s). Read our full guide to learn more about the experimental token standard. As the Ordinals market matures, we will continue to see a host of other innovative collections emerge. It is important to note that Bitcoin Ordinals are an extremely new and fresh space, and you should always be careful when investing in NFTs as it is an extremely volatile market. Do remember to do your own research and be prepared to invest only what you can afford to lose. Bitcoin Ordinals are commonly referred to traders as the NFTs of the Bitcoin network.

Recently, they have also incorporated Ethereum and Bitcoin NFTs onto their marketplace. They also feature launchpads to allow projects to launch and mint from their platform. Once you’ve chosen a marketplace, browse the available Ordinal NFTs and find the ones that resonate with you. Keep in mind that the value of an Ordinal NFT is subjective, depending on the creator, rarity and demand for the item. As with any investment, make sure to do thorough research before making a purchase. On the other side of the coin is the Ethereum-based collection OnChainMonkey (OCM).

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