how to buy memag: How to Buy Memag Token Easy-to-Follow Guide

how to buy memag

You create your destiny in NFT Raid, whether you want to play solo or compete in the arena. Players can test their skills against worthy opponents and find special items in battle arenas. Meta Masters Guild is a presale project which means that it is not yet available for sale on cryptocurrency exchanges. That gives investors a chance to become early movers and make gains from the price appreciation during the presale stages, even before the listing process begins.

  • At this point, you should have enough Ethereum or Tether in your MetaMask wallet to get started.
  • The user can then decide to swap their Memag for other tokens, such as Ethereum.
  • By doing so, the project is making being a part of this community more worth it.
  • The goal of the brand-new blockchain project Meta Masters Guild is to popularize the team’s novel play-and-earn concept.
  • These NFTs will be kept in the player’s wallet, which will be connected to the game and used in-game.

The last remaining step is for the investor to indicate the quantity of MEMAG tokens they desire to acquire. Simply said, play-and-earn systems make the game itself the primary objective. The play-and-earn model can only survive in the long run if plenty of people are having fun with it. Of this figure, 35% will be allocated to the private sale, and 10% to the public sale.

All the assets from loot to gems to upgrade materials – nothing belong to the players. Meta Masters Guild is not the only metaverse cryptocurrency we have covered in the past. Meta Masters Guild is also a new-age token that doesn’t pigeonhole itself into doing one thing.

Purchase in-game NFTs

Fiat users can use the Transak tool integrated with the official website. And it doesn’t help that most of these gaming companies that are raking in billions of dollars every year don’t pay attention to player feedback. As more players continue to play and invest in this game, this one may become more profitable. Meta Masters will have its marketplace built on the Polygon Network’s blockchain. Moreover, it is planned to perform staking with cryptocurrency as well.

Following are the steps to buy this token in the private phase of the presale. Memag is building an innovative gaming guild ecosystem that will host a wide range of play-and-earn games. Meta Masters Guild is tipped to be one of the hottest crypto presales of 2023. The project is building an innovative ecosystem that will enable players to enjoy play-and-earn crypto games in a fun, secure, and decentralized manner. Meta Masters Guild is a Web 3 gaming project that aims to create a decentralized ecosystem with fun games to play and better rewards for all players. It will increase player participation in games, and as more games are launched this way – the price of $MEMAG may pump after it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.

how to buy memag

They are also committed to sustainability and know that a sustainable economy model requires a stable player base, which requires a fun and engaging game to retain players. No matter what items or currencies you own within the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem, they will be yours. As a result, all of the in-game assets of the game are owned, verified, and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. By doing so, players are aware that these assets are 100% tradable, unchangeable, and are in their control, which helps to decentralize their ecosystem.

Gaming Guild Ecosystem

For those who are unaware, this means that MEMAG will act as a go-between for players and creators of video games. In this primer, we’ll show you the ropes on how to participate in the MEMAG presale and get your hands on tokens at the lowest possible cost. We also explain the MEMAG project so that potential backers can evaluate the play-and-earn model with more knowledge.

This means that players will be able to generate real-world rewards simply by playing games that are hosted in the Memag ecosystem. In comparison, the play-to-earn concept is largely focused on earning money, which is an unsustainable model to incorporate in the long run. For those unaware, this means that Memag will sit between gamers and gaming developers. Having a vesting period for team tokens will limit the supply – and that scarcity can increase the price of this asset once it lands on cryptocurrency exchanges. Crypto games have for so long been a pariah of the gaming sector, and the Non-crypto crowd has no interest in playing these games. To them, it is another way to extract money from gamers already fed up with rampant microtransactions in their games.

  • Moreover, the health of the broader crypto market will generally dictate the price action of individual tokens.
  • When there is mass enjoyment, this will enable the play-and-earn game to thrive in a sustainable manner.
  • This benefits players greatly, as they will have access to a sizable selection of games from various genres.
  • In the case of Memag, investors have the chance to win $100,000 worth of tokens.
  • Meta Masters will have its marketplace built on the Polygon Network’s blockchain.
  • Players who want to stick around for a long time can buy $MEMAG from the website directly before spending them directly on in-game NFTs.

Regular additions and updates will be made in parallel with the project’s growth. Based on the current development progress, market conditions, and other factors, the following road map is the most accurate indication of release dates. The MEMAG presale has just started, which means early investors may get in on the action at the lowest possible cost. At this point, you should have enough Ethereum or Tether in your MetaMask wallet to get started.

How to Buy MEMAG Crypto Token – Easy Guide for Beginners

So, if you are a Twitch streamer with Meta Masters Guild, you have a way to compound your twitch earnings. That complementary earning window will push the value of this token even further. Players can purchase NFTs on the marketplace initially, and trading features will be introduced later. It is important to note that the Meta Masters Guild Roadmap is dynamic.

During Raid NFT, players of crypto games choose from several warrior classes and battle it out in hostile environments. The game allows players to earn Gems and in-game NFTs by completing challenges. The game also features a PVP mode in which players compete against one another to earn tokens and other rewards.

Is Memag a Good Investment? Key Points

Earning opportunities are naturally integrated with the platform, but it is the fun factor of the games that counts. P2E gaming, also known as play-to-earn gaming, is a concept you may have heard about. According to Meta Masters Guild, it is fundamentally flawed, and they prefer Play AND Earn (P&E). According to them, earning mechanics cannot be sustainable if the entire player base seeks profit.

MEMAG crypto tokens are currently priced at $0.007 via stage one of its presale. This will increase to $0.01 in stage two – which will commence after just $490,000 has been raised. After the presale, the price of MEMAG will be listed on crypto exchanges at $0.023.

how to buy memag

The reason for this is that many crypto games entering the market in the prior 1-2 years are no longer in operation. Crucially, this is because play-to-earn developers place an unsustainable emphasis on ‘profit’. There are actually two digital currencies that are unique to the Memag project. In a nutshell, when players generated rewards through gameplay, they will be rewarded in Gems tokens.

The Memag tokens will then be deposited into the same MetaMask wallet that was used to make the investment. At this stage, the MetaMask wallet should now have a suitable amount of Ethereum or Tether tokens. Then head over to the crypto exchange that is holding the Ethereum tokens. Request a withdrawal from the exchange and paste the receiving address that has just been copied from MetaMask. The Memag presale supports two cryptocurrencies as a means of payment – Ethereum or Tether. Either will do, but for the purpose of this step-by-step walkthrough, we will explain the steps with Ethereum – the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

Following this, link your MetaMask wallet to the MEMAG presale control panel. The alternative option is to purchase Ethereum with a debit or credit card through the MEMAG presale dashboard. The payment will be processed by a third party, and costs will likely amount to 3 to 5 percent. The investor must then create a new wallet after downloading MetaMask.

More pertinently – the MEMAG community will have access to a huge portfolio of cutting-edge games that all follow the play-and-earn concept. As a result, Memag is tipped to be one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in 2023. The user can then decide to swap their Memag for other tokens, such as Ethereum. As noted earlier, the overarching concept being developed by Memag is play-and-earn.

Since the first stage of the presale costs merely 0.007 USDT, while the initial exchange listing costs 0.023 USDT, this represents a significant discount. “There is a fundamental flaw in the concept of Play-to-Earn,” – say the developers of Meta Masters Guild. That is why Meta Masters Guild aims to provide genuinely high-quality games that people don’t just play to earn but for fun. Devs are extremely upfront that they want players to be willing to spend money on games, which they will only do if games are fun to play.

Go to the crypto trading platform of your choice and buy ETH or USDT, as one of these tokens is needed to swap for $MEMAG. While there are many options that you can choose from, we recommend eToro. It is beginner-friendly – making buying ETH easier, and has a low fee even for fiat users. Coinbase and Binance are also suitable options for buying these digital assets.

But Meta Masters Guild follows principles that can potentially onboard multiple mainstream gamers in the blockchain space. All MMG titles will reward players with ‘Gems’ that can be converted into MEMAG tokens, from which players can withdraw or reinvest in the ecosystem. By ensuring fair compensation for their investments, its system incentivizes players to invest their time and money into the ecosystem, which is needed in gaming.

This includes Meta Masters Word, Raid NFT, and Meta Kart Racers – more on this later. Irrespective of the title, all games that will be hosted in the Memag ecosystem will enable players to earn rewards. This will incentivize players to remain active in the game long-term.

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