How I Made the Switch From Marketing to UX

Generally, marketers are obsessed with the target audience and what they are looking for. By knowing what their targeted user likes, dislikes and prefers through market research, designers can deliver UX meant for the target audience and with every element, they are looking for. That is how marketers and UX designers work together to attract new users. Such a journey map help you evaluate the user activities at all steps and touchpoints.

  • This is why the design elements must make content more discoverable through a search engine, app store, social media and other avenues.
  • We’d only recommend this route if you have a very fixed picture of your career path—it’s a lot of work and a lot of money to invest early on in your UX career.
  • 13% of customers say that they will tell about 15 people about their negative brand experiences.
  • You already have many of the skills required to be a UX designer.
  • She has over 5 years of work experience in graphic designing, working with ad agencies and in the B2B industry.
  • To switch to UX design, you’d want to demonstrate on your CV that you understand many of the basic techniques employed in UX design and that you bring additional skills to the table.
  • UX helps you understand why someone needs your product and how it makes them a better version of themselves.

After conducting a user test with 7 to 10 people, you can see the patterns of usage, likes and dislikes with different app elements. This is how you can know about the most significant shortcomings or barriers preventing engagement or business conversion. When considering to attract new users through superb user experience design, keep in mind the following aspects. Let us begin with the appropriating relationship between user research, a key element of UX, and market research. Both practices are knotted in a complementary relationship to garner the best design decisions based on research output.

A Super App Will Solve All Your problems — Decoding the UX Behind Super Apps

The map allows assigning different tasks to different professionals for making the interactions better. When I was working in marketing, I could only find jobs in very big cities, whereas this is a job that you can do freelance or remotely. When I get older and want to live in a smaller place, I like the idea that I can still continue my career as a designer without necessarily needing to be in a big city. Our UI and UX designers have turned the fortunes of several businesses elevating their brand’s attributes. Bad, non-actionable content still sends frowns above your users’ eyebrows regardless of how good the web design is. A working example is the case of Mcafee which cut its support calls by 90% after revamping its software’s user interface design. In such cases, the experiences, the attitudes, the feelings your user develops shall decide customer satisfaction and repeat business over choosing your competition.

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UX research involves reading between the lines and figuring out the mixed motivations behind user behaviours. The thinking processes behind boiling down UX research into user needs and motivations are very much similar to that behind finding meaningful trends in marketing datasets.

What You Should Know When Optimising For User Experience?

One such personal instance that can help shed more light here is when my marketing team had built a product feature page. They wanted me to analyze it and see how it’s performing and if there any usability issues. After a thorough UX analysis, I was able to identify and share with them a bunch of usability problems that needed to be addressed. In addition to that, I was also able to showcase to them how the current engagement was and what people are actually doing when they are on the site.

  • Download our free ebook The Basics of User Experience Designto learn about core concepts of UX design.
  • UX design makes anything optimized for mobile phones, keeping the users engaged.
  • The thinking processes behind boiling down UX research into user needs and motivations are very much similar to that behind finding meaningful trends in marketing datasets.
  • So learning more about UX design is a win-win for you and for the marketing team you’re working on.
  • How each design element can impact the marketing output and how they cannot have a decisive role to play for the user experience design.
  • The person marketing the product should also participate in design decisions to boost engagement and maximise conversion.

To misquote Seth Godin, “Relationship marketing is the only marketing left”. 72% of customers say that they will spread the word to at least 6 people if they have a good experience with the brand. UI’s role in digital marketing is used to leverage branding. Most of your digital marketing branding strategies would be making a pass at efforts to create positive perceptions around your brand. By definition, it is the process designers use to build interfaces in software or computerised devices, making the interface visually appealing, interactive and usable.

UI/UX Design Helps in Gathering User Feedback For Improved Strategy

Marketing and UX design are really both about making a product as desirable to the customer or user as possible. Marketing aims to make products desirable to customers, so they’ll spend money to purchase the product. UX design aims to make products desirable to users, so they’ll have a great experience while using it.

  • But after I’d been there about three months, I’d already learned a lot!
  • It can include providing a smoother flow for users or giving them the option to contact their account manager directly via text message or other social channels.
  • Some courses are free but many are charged for, and while the education is good, the course schedule can leave a bit to be desired with many courses only on offer once or twice a year.
  • This translates into repeat customers, more revenue, and overall success.
  • I’ll also add that another benefit to learning about UX as a marketer is that taking a more user-centered approach can help with the efficacy of your marketing efforts.
  • Successfully incorporating user insights and customer wants into the UX design mix is crucial.
  • This is why UX in digital marketing is equivalent to oxygen in the heart.

In this article, we are going to explain how UX impacts marketers. But after I’d been there about three months, I’d already learned a lot! I also enrolled in the UI specialization course with CareerFoundry to brush up on my UI skills. Although I’d like to focus solely on UX in the future, this is a good opportunity to learn something new and it pushes me to work on my weaknesses.

New to UX Design? We’re Giving You a Free ebook!

The look of a product is not only the aesthetic appeal, but also how it creates credibility and trust with users and captures the spirit of what the user expects. I got a lot of help from CareerFoundry when it came to finding my job, and I got my current job thanks to Mike, my career advisor.

By building personas, marketers have the right basis for advocating certain design elements and changes that suit their audience. UI and UX design are two critical components of digital product development. They are interconnected and contribute to the overall quality of a product.

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