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You assign a task and leave your dedicated team to work so you can give your full attention to vital business processes. All administrative work like tools, office, vacation management, an employee calling in sick, and so on, is our dedicated development company. Hiring a dedicated development team is a popular business strategy where a company brings in an entire offshore team for software development. Fully managed software development teams, Product management, QA, DevOps. In all the above scenarios, dedicated software development can bring tangible benefits to organizations. Plans may change on the fly, which is a common thing for enterprises that create products with the help of multiple tech companies.

hire software development team

The answer to this question is to hire a dedicated development team. Well, it is true that finding and hiring a dedicated software development team might be a real challenge, especially when you extend your search to the global talent pool. That is why it is necessary to follow some specific recommendations on how and where to find decent workers. Among such, you should keep in mind the steps that a successful hiring strategy includes, which are the ones we listed and explained in the article. Previously it was mentioned that outsourcing is popular as a cost-cutting measure. With a dedicated team model, we can consider your project to be cost-efficient thanks to hiring software developers that are more proficient and capable of producing better results for the same money.

How Talent is Defining the Software Development Industry

We follow agile practices, working in sprints with predefined deliverables at the end of each. To keep tabs on the process, you will get regular reports and can timely step in with changes or suggestions. At the same time, you don’t have to think about employee management and can fully focus on your business’s vital processes. After the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide understood that in-house teams are no longer the best way to do business. Now entrepreneurs are using the outsourcing model to maintain their business processes. However, what should you do if you need tech experts to solve various issues?

hire software development team

When the time to market is crucial, you can adjust your strategy accordingly. You can hire the software developers that suit your purposes best right from the start to achieve this goal. Dedicated Development Teams are great for startups looking to launch their products sooner. The Project Manager is in charge of planning and execution, overseeing all processes, delegating tasks among the software developers in a team, and communicating with the client. The best developers bring more than just technical expertise and experience. Soft skills are just as important as tech skills, as they are essential for teamwork and value creation. Focus on finding candidates that have solid communication skills, team working abilities, and problem-solving capabilities.

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To achieve a successful software development project, communication should be clear and fluent, with no margin for errors. The best option is to hire a software development team from Eastern Europe, where the average developer’s cost rate is $35-55. The world is developing along with an attractive business model entrepreneurs can follow. If an entrepreneur has an exciting idea, it will be most effective to hire a dedicated development team. An extended software team model is a business model that brings together the customer’s in-house developers and remote specialists from the outsourcing supplier. A dedicated developers team is a business model where the company hires a whole development team that is fully committed to work. A dedicated team model fosters the best conditions for collaboration due to the constant feedback they receive from project managers and the company’s owner.

Reduce inherent project risks and avoid the high costs of an in-house team. Improve your project’s productivity and performance from Day 1. At that, developers from Eastern Europe are considered among the top skilled in various rankings. Understands the user’s behavior and maximizes UX by aligning the product’s design with the user’s expectations.


Trust and security are two significant concerns when it deals with outsourcing partnerships. To make sure this wouldn’t be a problem, review your IT provider’s intellectual property policies and NDAs before the kick-off of the development process. Keep in mind, that when you hire software developers, there is an option to sign a personal NDA with each of them. With Syndicode, you get top-notch ​​dedicated software developers. We carefully select candidates, testing them for technical and communication skills, including English proficiency. The majority of dedicated software developers at Syndicode are of senior level. Their skillset lets them get to your tasks straight away without any additional training, saving your time and money.

  • There is a great chance that most of your team members will speak the same language and have similar backgrounds and beliefs.
  • The answer to this question is to hire a dedicated development team.
  • Hiring for roles is, arguably, the most critical step in forming your dedicated development team.
  • At the same time, you don’t have to think about employee management and can fully focus on your business’s vital processes.
  • If you are creating your first MVP and looking for proficient experts, the Dedicated Team model might save the day.
  • You can check whether the candidate that looks good on paper is actually a good fit in practice.

In Latin America, there is just a small 1-3 hours difference , so briefings and project management are much faster and efficient. BairesDev built a custom team of expert engineers to work on the Identity Management , DevOps, and Integration Service Broker or SiriusXM’s apps. Tell us about your company, your project, or the goals you want to achieve.

No hiring hustle and paycheck pain

More so, these platforms make it possible for agile management and efficient cooperation between you and your in-house team. Working with freelancers might be a convenient and cost-efficient solution for everybody who needs software development but lacks in-house talents.

With your team in place, it’s time to define how they will work moving forward. And in app development, the most critical consideration is the methodology. Additionally, some projects might need further specialized roles in their team.

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