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Lark Davis is New Zealand’s most popular crypto personality. He grew up on a small organic homestead, reading Mad magazine, dreaming of space travel and pretending to be Indiana Jones. Known for his articulate, entertaining style, Lark combines his political science background, critical thinking skills and a bright sense of humor to produce content that explores blockchain solutions to the corrupted world. As a seasoned world traveller, Lark has seen the results of excessive wealth and poverty and is currently working several side projects, including dairy-free cheeses and a banana farm. As one of the co-founding firms of ICLA iLaw has excellent connections with many firms in leading jurisdictions in the blockchain and crypto world.

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iLaw currently acts on behalf of several senior executives in federal and regulatory investigations surrounding a major cryptocurrency exchange. Paul has held various senior management positions within the communications industry including two years on an international assignment as Sales Director . During this time, Paul also worked as a consultant for Jupiter Play.

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, who joined Galaxy from Fidelity Investments, where she oversaw the firm’s mining investments and initiatives as Director of Bitcoin Mining. The adverts were found to contain a mining code called CoinHive that were acting as malware attack by secretly using up to 80 per cent of visitors’ computers central processing units to mine cryptocurrencies for anonymous hackers. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights.

He is an international speaker, blockchain educator, software developer, data scientist and blockchain consultant. Occasionally Michael does live videos which can be interesting but the message box on the right may get distracting and it is advised that you just close it. He is your best bet when it comes to starting out in the crypto world and his vocabulary is excellent, incorporating his background in political science and critical thinking. Swope, who refers to himself as a die-hard crypto investor, investigates and digs down into the details of what is happening and can go through a lot in one video. You will need to excuse their strong accent and occasional spelling mistakes in their videos, but aside from that, their videos are spot on. You may find at first that they are difficult to like, but over time they will grow on you. Remember to remain open to their personalities which may be off-putting at first, but the more you listen to them, the more you will learn.


YouTube once again blamed an ‘error’ and the ‘algorithm,’ but the alleged error was only discovered after days of complaining, and the fact that the incident started receiving huge amounts of attention from the media. The channel in question is known as Sunny Decree, a known content creator with 123,000 subscribers. Video-makers who receive copyright claims against footage in their videos will now be given the option to automatically “trim” the disputed segment from their clips. Many video-makers have complained that YouTube’s current systems let so-called “copyright trolls” make false claims on their videos, while its automated detection tools often fail to understand when material has been legally used. It said there had been no changes to its polices, and insisted there would be “no penalty” to any channels that were affected by the incident. “With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call,” it said. Several other crypto-bloggers echoed his complaints, with some suggesting that they intended to boycott the platform completely.

We create products that punctuate, not define, a play space embracing the true meaning of inclusion. ​ It is our collaborative and consultative approach with key disability groups, organisations and charities in UK and the rest of Europe that has allowed us to fully understand why some children are faced with barriers to play. With these partnerships and on-going research we will continue to champion inclusive design.

Of course, some children find it easier to engage with play areas than others. Consider a wheel chair user when faced with a traditional play park — or think about how a busy, brightly coloured and noisy space must feel for a child with Autism.

HACKERS have been targeting users of YouTube to mine cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin by attacking computers through the video platform’s advertising service, it has been reported. I cover the latest events in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and various other projects in the crypto space. I am not a financial adviser, please invest responsibly and do your research. Nicholas Merten and is the best place for trading tips and diving into the technical side of trading cryptocurrencies. and more recently has started his ‘Good morning crypto’ series where he live-streams his videos and talks about recent news events. series on explaining how cryptocurrency works and how different cryptocurrencies work. Michael Gu, who has a background in science and is also good at explaining how different cryptocurrencies work and has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012.

During this time Paul quickly realised there was a severe lack of provision in outdoor play spaces for children with special needs. This led to the creation of Inclusive Play in 2006 with the vision of designing play products that could be integrated into any play space for children of all abilities. Since then, Inclusive Play has developed a range of products which have been exported across the world. Leisure and Inclusive Play in 2010, expanding the business across the UK and developing Inclusive Play’s International strategy. The recommendations of PiPA have been adopted to become the UK benchmark.

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However, his most recent and relevant content pertains his journey toward becoming a successful day trader. But to summarize their channel, it takes a technically oriented view of markets with a focus on stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. As the market develops further, it’s likely there will be even more YouTube cryptocurrency channels to choose from in the near future, offering a new twist on the latest happenings in the blockchain world.

  • ​ It is our collaborative and consultative approach with key disability groups, organisations and charities in UK and the rest of Europe that has allowed us to fully understand why some children are faced with barriers to play.
  • But some crypto-bloggers have complained that their videos have not been restored after several days.
  • This channel focuses on popular tech stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • Michael Gu, who has a background in science and is also good at explaining how different cryptocurrencies work and has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012.
  • As one of the co-founding firms of ICLA iLaw has excellent connections with many firms in leading jurisdictions in the blockchain and crypto world.
  • Developing the brand across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Contact us to discuss our PiPA tool or take a look at our guidance on inclusive play area design. Not only is it important for their physical health and development, but by enabling children, young people and adults to interact together, a play area can truly unite a community.

Crypto Zombie is a useful channel for the more experienced crypto enthusiasts out there. Davis offers his insights into the latest market movements and information on important events such as the Bitcoin halving. He posts about two videos a week and has garnered more than nine million views. The Crypto Lark is hosted by Lark Davis, New Zealand’s most popular crypto and Bitcoin personality, who entertains his 104,000 subscribers with a humorous yet articulate look into technology disruption and blockchain solutions. Ripple has settled its legal dispute with Youtube over allegations that the video sharing platform failed to disable scam accounts impersonating its CEO Brad Garlinghouse and offering XRP cryptocurrency give-aways. News and resources on digital currencies, crypto assets and crypto exchanges worldwide.

Back then, plenty of high-profile channels saw their videos removes, without any explanation or apparent reason. YouTube once again targeted a crypto-focused channel, interrupting its livestream with threats of a ban. The move appeared to target smaller channels and publishers that focused on Bitcoin and crypto-currency content. YouTube has reinstated hundreds of crypto-currency related channels after admitting it had removed them “in error”.

different crypto YouTubers have different styles and what may appeal to one viewer may not appeal to another. They can open your perspective, interview influential figures and even give you useful trading tips. is a great way to stay informed on all the latest trends in the world of crypto. To go directly to their channel from this page, you can click on the hyperlink embedded in their name.

iLaw’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Digital Assets practice encompasses commercial, regulatory and contentious issues. Our clients include leading cryptocurrency exchanges, start-ups, traders, investors and globally renowned developers of leading decentralised computing platforms and applications. Watching YouTubers is an excellent way to learn trading tips. Tips you can use both for cryptocurrency trading and on other market instruments. Not only will you be able to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies but also a range of other financial instruments as well. No self-description and this is not exclusively a trading-related channel.

crypto news youtube

An American rapper’s YouTube channel has reportedly been hacked to promote a fake ETH and BTC giveaway live stream that seems to have over 56,000 viewers. Both Barbosa and Schnelli had been receiving funding from crypto mining giant, Bitmain. However, in late 2020, Bitmain decided to stop providing its support, at which point Coinbase and Marathon Patent Group independently decided to step in and offer alternative sources of funding with their respective developer grants. Save money on your currency transfers with TorFX, voted International Money Transfer Provider of the Year . Their goal is to connect clients with ultra competitive exchange rates and a uniquely dedicated service whether they choose to trade online or over the telephone.

Preliminary conversations are underway for transitioning other customers of this Client to the SnippRewards platform. SnippRewards is a leading rewards platform that has integrated over 1,325 unique brand rewards across 150+countries and 45+currencies including cryptocurrency rewards.

The UK government as well as the UK Design Council have endorsed PiPA as good practise for the design and provision of inclusion for outdoor play areas. The industry is now developing in maturity to recognise that accessible play and inclusive play are 2 very different things. Paul is supporting the industry make this transition to enable true inclusion and integration of our outdoor spaces. Paul transitioned out of Jupiter Play in 2018 to work exclusively for Inclusive Play.

Known for his long-running poker channel, former professional poker player Doug Polk now runs a popular cryptocurrency channel which has gained 185,000 followers. Hosted by Swedish-based software developer Ivan Liljeqvist, who is also an international blockchain speaker and educator, the channel is all about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I trade Altcoins just as frequently as I trade Bitcoin because due to the increased volatility they experience I find just holding Altcoins in a bull market to be preferable to holding any stablecoin alternative. With the launch of Ethereum 2.0 this week there has been a lot more eyes on the Altcoin space and more will follow, Ethereum 2.0 will not cause the prices of everything to go to the moon overnight. Since making its new high at 11am on December 1st, the price of bitcoin has been consolidating between the $18,500-$19,500 level as we experienced large amounts of volatility that made for a great start to the week’s trading.

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