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In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about SaaS product design so you can start working on a project that will be profitable and successful. To go live to a wider audience, those who have seen the templates have received them well. The team has met deadlines through their attentive project management style while maintaining a consistently high quality of work. The designs met the requirements and expectations of the internal team. Eleken responds quickly to inquiries and is willing to adapt where necessary. The team is hard-working and collaborative, facilitating a smooth workflow. Their team communicated on Slack regularly and had a smooth workflow.

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The people management platform uses featured testimonials both from managers and employees to reiterate the key product differentiators. Your website is a proxy for your product user experience. Time to gain some inspiration from these 33 SaaS companies.

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To make it more concrete, here are the design examples for your SaaS website that I fancy, except for some elements looking a bit off the beam. The best headline tells the userswhat they can do with your productrather than telling what your product can do. If you don’t have time, don’t expect your visitors to have time. It just gets them down and makes them leave your website and product behind to find a better one. Even if you create the most stunning website that your prospective customers cannot take their eyes off, it doesn’t mean they will pay for your product.

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Get the best, coolest, and latest in design and no-code delivered to your inbox each week. To save some visual real estate and avoid endless scrolling, PartnerStack packs some of the product information within a custom multitab box.

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If your product is a website with educational materials for students, for example, your CTA should encourage them to sign up for free textbook access. This will assist you in gathering ideas for improving the website. For those who prefer self-help to direct contact, a FAQ section is important. Make it easy for them to contact company officials by adding an online chat window with either a human or a bot. Users appreciate it when they feel as if the website was designed specifically for them.

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By customizing the registration process to different types of users, you can easily extend the range of services you provide. Microsoft Office 365, for instance, goes beyond the usual Excel and Word programs.


If we like each other, but you want to try our process in action, we can give you a 3-days free trial. With marketing design, you can demonstrate the value of your SaaS product via a website, landing pages, ads, and other materials. Our UI/UX design agency doesn’t have a magic wand to solve the above-mentioned problems. But we can work with you on designing a great SaaS product that provides the value your customers are looking for.

Then wrap up with some extra explanation of your product features. Petal uses a refreshing color palette, expertly mixing teal, off-white, and yellow color blocks in their design, along with big titles and plenty of white space. Kudos for making the whole credit card application thing look like less of a hassle. UI kits should help you reduce tedious manual design time — not create more work. Save time by making changes in bulk, in a matter of seconds.

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