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Therefore, while selecting one, make an informed choice. The software incorporates a variety of elements necessary for proper equity management. These include employee safety during blackout periods, as well as automated share selling and holding alternatives. Additionally, it keeps users informed of share allocation.

  • Design flexible ESPP plans that meet your needs when setting up offering periods, purchase periods, and fair market value price definitions.
  • Full Companies House integration Vestd is the only platform with full, two-way Companies House integration, which means you can avoid a ton of paperwork.
  • The platform also serves as an information repository where you can store all your data, keeping them confidential at all times.
  • ​ Get set up and send out legal agreements for your workers.
  • These include fund, portfolio and compliance management, performance metrics and benchmarking.
  • Efficiently share with teams across your organization.
  • Also, a good solution will not only provide data security but accessibility as well.

We have been managing equity compensation for some of the world’s biggest companies for 15 years. Whether you are starting up, scaling up or an established enterprise, we’ve got the products and services that will help you simplify employee share ownership, seamlessly. We integrate key data seamlessly with your stock plan, ensuring that wherever you’re based, whatever your plan type, you’re maximizing the benefits of stock compensation. Collaboration between the Legal, Payroll, HR and Compensation & Benefits departments of public companies becomes super easy. The Global Shares Academy is a space for people from across all industries who want to learn more about employee ownership. Discover the differences between various plan types and enjoy our free templates.

Top 10 equity management software every business should know in 2022

It also keeps users updated on share allocation. Certificates can be stored by the vendor for safekeeping, who makes use of a maximum security vault.

Eqvista supports cap tables from all jurisdictions. Created to be much more than just a notes management tool, Calibre RMS seamlessly integrates all your qualitative research with your modeling and analytics. It is customizable to your investment strategy and allows immediate collaboration across teams anywhere and on any device.


Full Companies House integration Vestd is the only platform with full, two-way Companies House integration, which means you can avoid a ton of paperwork. No need to involve lawyers & accountants We have an in-house team of valuations analysts and provide legal docs as part of our service. Shoobx is the equity management platform that companies and investors use to automate, generate, execute, and store legal documents. When you’re ready to raise your next round, the last thing you want to be worried about is chasing down signatures or figuring out your cap table. Our all-in-one platform gives you all the workflows you need to to manage your company throughout its entire lifecycle, from incorporation, to granting equity, to exit.

It can also come up with notices of exercise and grant to both companies and employees. The tools that come with the system are all you’ll ever need to manage your capitalization, resulting in huge cost-savings from legal fees. You can also make 409A valuation report requests, allowing you to offer option grants. This is very useful in preventing tax liabilities for both companies and their employees. A time-hop functionality, meanwhile, lets you see capitalization at any time. Our cap table is complex, and Diligent’s platform handles it all – our financing rounds, certificates and employees’ options. Their automatic document generation workflow and electronic signatures saves us time and money and eliminates errors.


With all equity transactions and information in Carta, your cap table stays up to date with less effort. We help you stay compliant when issuing equity and getting 409A valuations. Employees and investors can accept electronic securities, exercise options, and track vesting schedules. Carta helps over 800,000 shareholders manage more than $575 billion in equity. Whether you just need a cap table and a 409A, or are looking to run secondary transactions, leverage financial reporting and tax tools, or stay better connected to investors, Carta can help. OPTRACK is a stock option management platform that helps companies manage equity compensation, stock data and stock options. It is a self-administration tool that you can use to manage equity plans, cap table and compliance reporting without breaking the bank.

Eqvista — With Eqvista’s cap table software and industry-leading valuation services, you’ll be able to run your business more successfully. Eqvista will assist you in creating the most efficient cap table for your business, and its user-friendly interface will save you time. You can select from a variety of services, ranging from simple cap table management to comprehensive services that include company registration and 409A valuation. Eqvista will transform your company, and work to manage your cap table, company shares, 409a valuations and more, in an easy and effective way. Incorporate your company and manage your equity all in one place without all the extra work.

Confusing your plan for a strategy is an expensive mistake!

The system keeps your cap tables for you in a highly secure location. These can be shared with relevant users provided you grant them access to the documents. No worries, here, you will learn all about the 12 best equity management software with core capabilities. You’ll also find it easy to compare their unique selling points and corresponding benefits vis a vis each other so you can shortlist your best options. Purchasing an equity management tool is not as straightforward as it may appear.

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I expect the watchlist for shares I consider would be up to say 500. For shares I own a reasonable limit would be 50. A team of competent customer support agents is always on call to cater to your needs. These highly-knowledgeable individuals help users learn more about the system to help them maximize the benefits that it offers. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website.

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