eCommerce UX Design Strategies and Principles

Remember, surprise and delight has to be the desired outcome. In layman’s terms, the core idea of a typical user experience design is to get inside the head of your end user and figure out what will provide them a simple, logical, and enjoyable shopping experience.

But it would be helpful if you could actually know how many cups. If you don’t want to tinker with your UX design, it might be a wise idea to contact a private company that offers UX design services. Buyers are able to create their own labels to sort products in a variety of ways, depending on their own preferences, or by most desired item.

Use Filters and Faceted Search

Proper site search functionality is an essential requirement to provide the best ecommerce ux to your customers. People who engage with the search box are more likely to become leads because of clearer intent. So even when you are offering unique products on your store that conform to the top industry practices, if your store doesn’t offer ecommerce UX best practices, all your efforts would go down the drain.

But all those have a high interaction cost, requiring strong motivation and willingness to spend a chunk of time in the app or on the site. In many cases, customers don’t want to invest that much time, so the product page needs to help them get their information as fast as possible. It’s in the store’s best interest to make sure that users’ questions are answered and that the product is accurately represented. When the shopping cart is empty, remind your users to add products to cart instead of just saying that it is empty. Provide shopping instructions and a call to action that entices users to do so. You can also include product recommendations or your store’s unique…

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The product page is the key area where users decide to purchase a product and move the item to the shopping cart. To do so, users must know what their product options are and how to select them. Customers shopping for a type of product expected the site to show similar types of details across brands and models.

Spotify dropped its hamburger menu last year, as did Next when it redesigned its site. All in all, whether it’s about winning new customers or driving loyalty, getting good returns in business, positioning of the brand, and customer experience are at the heart of everything. Businesses should ask customers for their opinions before there’s an issue.

Do you need to have sitesearch on your eCommerce store?

The primary objectives of a site’s homepage, the opportunities it can provide to both new and repeat users, the homepage structure & design, carousels, personalization, and promotions. Baymard’s team of researchers continuously updates the UX benchmark, providing you with the latest design patterns and an accurate picture of the current competitive landscape. These training module videos are good for those who want broad coverage of the UX research highlights, and for those who prefer a training-based presentation format. This onboarding call will ensure that your team hits the ground running, can ask questions, and can easily find the research that best matches the areas of most interest to you. The Page Design tool also highlights the UX pitfalls you should avoid for each of the 55 page types available. Your team can drill down into detailed UX performance scorecards for today’s largest sites, with 185,000+ weighted UX performance scores and visual explanations of how they perform and stack up.

  • This supports both when your organization needs to make a complete site redesign, or when you need documentation on how to best design and implement a specific page, a UI component, or feature.
  • Users wanted and needed to see summaries of the reviews, to get a sense of the overall quality of the product.
  • Don’t waste the first few lines of product descriptions — get right to the gist.
  • Clicking on this should take the user to the appropriate product page.
  • High-performing e-commerce designs that perform well with end users.
  • The design and position of elements such as the ‘Add to Cart’ button, prices & discounts, the quantity field, ‘Out of Stock’, ‘Save to List’, etc.
  • How to create a list layout that bolsters product browsing experiences, with guidelines on the design and features of the overall product list layout, including grid and list layouts.

(Don’t be fooled by the name “fancy” features — these elements can be distracting and disappointing if they aren’t truly necessary or well-executed). This type of interaction leaves your customers feeling heard and fulfilled, which are in themselves integral aspects of ecommerce user experience. Ensuring you have high quality pictures of your products on your ecommerce website is the best way to help your customers understand exactly what you’re selling. Try including several high-definition photos from different angles to highlight important details of the articles. One amongst ecommerce UX best practices comprise a simplified checkout process.

Provide the right info in an appealing way.

Say when shoppers use the search field, to make the search more relevant you can provide them the choice to enter the age and gender of their kid if your… Users make their final purchase decisions when they are in the cart page. Shoppers add products to cart so that they can review or compare the items they have chosen, check whether the order total meets their budget or whether they qualify for free shipping etc.

The shipping method UI, shipping descriptions, order cut-off times, ‘Free Shipping’ tiers, how omni-channel sites best integrate ‘Store Pickup’ and ‘Store Availability’, and more. How users engage with and rely on product information and descriptions, the type of content needed, product headlines sub-titles, along with both the text structure and styling that performs the best. The structural foundation of a site’s product categories, including information architecture, catalog breadth, and category naming. Baymard Premium includes unlimited employees within your company to create a user and access the entire research catalog. This means you can freely invite developers, product managers, team leads, marketing, and any stakeholders to access the UX research.

Place the shopping cart icon on the top right of every page in your store. Indicate whether the cart contains products or not by specifying the total number of items. For example, if you already have a brick and mortar location make sure you integrate the experience from both channels.

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Online and mobile shopping has become a common part of our everyday lives. This practice has made ecommerce a viable way of conducting global and local commerce. You should encourage your clients to share their experience using your products or services on social media. If you monitor your brand’s mentions and share the content on your website, you can help other potential clients make the right choice. If they can’t find the search box or it doesn’t function as intended, these potential customers won’t find the information they’re after and will leave your site with a bad taste in their mouth. Slow loading time is the death knell for ecommerce websites.

There’s good reason to believe that this increase will continue even beyond the pandemic. Many people who had never shopped online before did so in 2020, and it’s hard to give that convenience up after you’re exposed to it. When the COVID-19 pandemic first spread across the world in early 2020, many people were suddenly trapped in their homes. Katie Sherwin is a Senior User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. She specializes in helping organizations utilize principles of user-centered design and strategic communication to achieve their goals. Because some shoppers doubt whether reviewers are honest, sites can help establish trust by indicating when reviews have been verified by the site. “On the bags when you order, what would be helpful to me is that under the sample, it states how many cups that size makes.

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