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Choosing a trusted technology partner is important to achieve the best code quality at a reasonable price with timely software delivery. Choosing the right partner is the most significant step when implementing DevOps practices in your company. EPAM Anywhere Business comes like an Uber Premium in the world of outstaffing software development services. Access to the global talent pool is among the biggest benefits of working with DevOps engineers via the outsource model.

Which of the following is not a DevOps tool?

1 Answer. Option D ( Nicira) is not associated with DevOps. Of the options, the remaining tools Chef, Puppet, Juju are associated with DevOps but Liebert MPX tool is not.

Focusing on the result is not enough – some processes for service continuity should be present. Team players combine their efforts to implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI & CD) pipelines to guarantee constant project feasibility and cumulative improvement. You don’t need to wait a month before publishing the app, and you don’t need to wait until all the bugs are detected and fixed. You have functional automation of the DevOps pipeline where you are sure that your service meets all the quality standards.

Site Reliability Engineer

Each task requires a different number of DevOps engineers involved, and complexity levels are not the same. When we receive a request from a small company, we usually start our work right away or within a few days. When we deal with enterprises, we may face legacy issues or the need to build a scope for a new project thoroughly. To make our cooperation efficient, it may take a few months for us to plan our work. We spend this time communicating with the outside company and finding the most appropriate solutions and means. Continuous deployment allows validated changes to get automatically released to the users.

  • A reputable Managed DevOps provider, however, has the right company culture and resources to attract – and retain – the top talent, since their entire mission is aligned with DevOps.
  • Alternatively, it may be a person who only read some articles online about the DevOps workflow.
  • Сompanies that are looking for software development services have two reliable options – go local or hire offshore specialists.
  • All in all, DevOps outsourcing can provide you with immediate access to rare specialists with hands-on experience on multiple projects and infrastructure types.
  • Agile methodology and DevOps practices give you a rapid speed of development with testing and updating your product before its final release.
  • Among the elements of DevOps are configuration management and containerization .

If your company has 150 employees and is growing to 500 and beyond, you should start thinking about building DevOps in house. At that point, your infrastructure has grown to such a size that you’re going to need people to own various parts of it. Microservices vs Monolith Microservices are something new that has hit the software market… Builds platforms and frameworks to consistently and verifiably manage the application between non-production & production environments. Build and run applications without managing the infrastructure, running apps on servers, but with no need for provisioning, scaling, and maintenance. Make the potential of containers an operational reality by running containerized applications across multiple machines and environments.

Can DevOps Be Outsourced?

Model, visualize and automate your software release processes. With an in-house team, you’d end up paying for them to experiment on your product or conduct additional research and development (R&D).

There’s a demand for the software development to further reduce project execution time from the crafting of an idea to the release of a product. Businesses are pushed to implement the project today so that someone else does not copy it tomorrow. Our DevOps outsourcing company allocates an engineer with an established DevOps stack. The aim is to support the client’s project and solve all the issues as agreed in the contract. What do companies like WhatsApp, Slack, Github, Groove, Opera, Google, Skype have in common? Besides the fact that all of them are successful multi-million-dollar companies, they have used IT outsourcing services from remote workers or offshore DevOps partners.

Drive business innovation withour AWS DevOps Outsourcing tools

To provide a better service, we assign an Account Manager from our side. Clients can contact this person when they need to discuss any issues, changes, or improvements.

Why DevOps is so popular?

Why DevOps is Important. DevOps is important because it's a software development and operations approach that enables faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

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