Companies that Use Node JS in Production

But with NodeJS, this has all become very easy to handle. Since it is also being used for making IoT apps, we can see some new changes in IoT. It can be used in many different areas like social media, payment processing, and E-commerce also. As of 2019, Uber was estimated to have over 110 million worldwide users. In the United States, a 67% market share for ride-sharing in early 2019 and a 24% market share for food delivery in 2018. The retail chain has benefitted a lot from the asynchronous operation of NodeJS in its mobile app.

The most challenging aspects are remembering the client-server model and keeping up with the Node’s asynchronous flow. On GitHub, you’ll find many interactive courses, tutorials, and examples that can make learning a breeze. We are glad that TechMagic is on the list of – the open-source directory of companies using React.js. We would like to introduce this outstanding JS library and point out why we are working with React.


Its popularity continues to grow, with 467 million users from more than 200 countries. After shifting from Ruby on Rails to Node.js, they’ve created an application that runs ten times faster than its old version. The decision has been made due to the synchronicity of the previous Ruby App, which led to the long loading times, especially whenever there was a traffic increase. We are in the process of building a modern content platform to deliver our content through various channels. We decided to go with Microservices architecture as we wanted scale. Microservice architecture style is an approach to developing an application as a suite of small independently deployable services built around specific business capabilities. You can gain modularity, extensive parallelism and cost-effective scaling by deploying services across many distributed servers.

Ultimately, this reduces the time spent in development and the overall time-to-market. Server-side scripting works by running user requests on the server-side, or web server, rather than on the client-side, or web browser. Node.js is a tool in the Frameworks category of a tech stack. To orchestrate a lot of eBay-specific services to handle I/O bound operations in a better way.

Node.js has become very popular over the last 5 year. It is so well liked that many major businesses now use it.

NASA’s developers found it important to move data into a cloud database to shorten the access time. Additionally, most of NASA’s applications were built on JavaScript. The technology has proved itself so beneficial and effective that Nertflix has already planned to use it for building other layers of their tech stack.

  • Many of its web apps use Node.js because of its memory capacity and for the ease of use involved in being able to keep everything in a single JavaScript repository.
  • Medium is a world-renowned online publishing platform that uses Node.js with over 85 million users.
  • Any company’s long-term success depends on its ability to provide excellent customer service.
  • This same community takes full advantage of the open-source standing of Node.js, building tools to ease the development process for everybody.
  • First, this JavaScript environment is easy to work with, and it enables the execution of the code on the server-side.

It makes use of an efficient and straightforward input-output (I/O) model, which makes it perfect for real-time and data-based web applications. TechMagic is a Node.js app development company that specializes in application development.

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For November 2017, PayPal has over 200 million active accounts. Medium is an online platform for publishing articles with a large diversity of content. Medium developers build their app servers with Node.js accompanied by the webserver NGINX. The PayPal software team likes that Node.js empowers developers to build both server-side and client-side with JavaScript. For the same effect, developers can employ static web pages but website content would be in turn far less engaging and interactive.

companies that use node js

This was mainly because Linkedin developers wanted to optimize their mobile app where now everything is written entirely in Node.js. Server-side scripting empowers developers to dismiss the often overloaded presence of browser plugins and technology by simply relying solely on the webserver. That allows developers to test and debug their code in a virtual domain. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. Node.js is a platform many skilled web developers are using today to amp up their back-end development while still using the same tried-and-true language – JavaScript. ExpressJS, Sentry, WebStorm, CircleCI, and Datadog are some of the popular tools that integrate with Node.js.

Real-time web applications

With its growing popularity, more and more enterprises will experiment with this simple yet performant JavaScript environment. Do you want to know which of the popular names make use of Node’s concurrency, speed and intensive data exchange opportunities? Coding in Node.js is relatively simple once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming.

  • It brought the much-needed cohesiveness and resolved issues at both ends.
  • Here’s a list of all 346 tools that integrate with Node.js.
  • Additionally, the company ran advanced analytics on the data stored on the platform, requiring the services to perform smoothly.
  • To make their product as real-time as possible such as maintaining live connections with the server.
  • The biggest challenge for has been implementing customizable process mapping and visualization tools amid the automated scalability of the backend infrastructure.

Netflix is one of the most popular and commonly used applications that uses Node.js to manage its backend. By switching to Node.js, Netflix was able to shorten customers’ loading times, increase performance, and make the app more scalable. Node.js is a platform that has recently gained popularity among big companies. The companies that use Node.js do so because of the flexibility of the library when used to build dynamic websites and apps. Node.js is an environment used for developing server applications and network applications that are written in JavaScript. Some of the largest companies that use Node.js include LinkedIn, PayPal, and NASA. A thriving community entails a lot of assistance and feedback.

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