Bitcoin Back Above $51,000 And Ethereum

The other thing that is concerning is if you look at the volume profile, if you look at the data here, look at the volume. What is it been doing with the exception of the like the spikes here, it looks like the the volume is doing what? So we’re getting lower volume participation as prices go up. And in technical analysis, there’s a phrase that we all use and follow, and it’s been tested to be true time and time again, and that is volume precedes price. Meaning that his volume drops off, soon, prices will drop off as well prices will drop. So this will point you to some really like strong extensions to the south.

This was in line with the median estimate and was slightly below where some analysts were expecting. However, there are some limited risks that the price could also break-out lower since the price seems to be forming a head and shoulders pattern that is usually a bearish signal. Still, this price action was expected since many bulls have started to take profit. Also, after the strong rally, take-profits have been triggered, leading to a sell-off. Further, investors are now waiting for the Fed interest rate decision on Friday.

We will bring you the latest Ethereum price, ETH charts and Ether news here. Unlike bitcoin, Ethereum aims to develop a “World Computer” super network, rather than be a payment method. ETH is one of the biggest tokens on the market, priced higher than Ripple but second to bitcoin.

latest Ethereum news from the best Cryptocurrency sites and sources. Whether it’s Ethereum price, Ethereum news today or ETH news now, we’ve got it covered – breaking news from each site is brought to you automatically and continuously 24/7, within around 10 minutes of publication. Relevance is automatically assessed so some headlines not qualifying as Ethereum news might appear – please feel free to contact us regarding any persistent issues. After reaching $0.22 earlier this morning, there has been an increased selling pressure, encouraging more sellers to join the market. This comes after a high of 200% rally in November alone, achieving a monthly peak of $0.219. Since, Ripple’s XRP is trading at $0.6895 as of this morning, after reaching a high of $0.92 before a sudden 30% crash which came after a major technical outage. Nevertheless, Ripple’s XRP still remains far from its peak of over $3.

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I’ve got actually actively short on 11 Ethereum right now, with an average cost basis for the short is at 1743. It could be very profitable, so short, or it could just be a small loss, we’ll see. But I like it at these levels, especially as we’re getting near the end of the day on Friday.

Usually, miners are the ones who vote to make changes to a blockchain’s protocol. But holders of Cardano coins can vote to make these changes, giving them a greater role in determining the future development of the cryptocurrency. At one point in the last three months, the market cap of ADA had risen so much that it was briefly the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, lagging only behind bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano currently boasts a total market value of close to $34bn, making it the fifth-largest cryptocurrency on that measure, shows data by CoinMarket Cap.

The table below shows how different cryptocurrencies are performing in real-time. Bitcoin Cash is finally catching up with the market reaching a price of $344.39 as of this morning. As a result of this view, cryptocurrencies are seeing the highest gain in over three years. Analysts have predicted new record highs to continue until the end of the year, with some suggesting that current trends are suggesting that record highs will continue to grow into 2021.

Since the all-time high altcoins surge from XRP and Stellar, the cryptocurrency market has seen other changes. More specifically, both bitcoin and ethereal have climbed the market this week, adding 10% and 30% respectively. During these weekly gains, Stellar has also gained the eyes of people watching the cryptocurrency market, reaching weekly gains of over 90%. As of this morning, Stellar was trading at $0.2164 which has come after a 45.14% increase in the past 24 hours. As well as an increase in the past 24 hours, an increase can also be seen in the past week, at 157.56%, and last month, at 163.90%. However, it is far from its all-time high of $0.60 which means it would need to perform better in the coming weeks to be able to reach that high. Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency alternative to bitcoin and Ripple, with a digital token known as ETH.

Bitcoin Price Plummets Whopping $350 In Minutes

Copyright © Exchange Rates UK. All rights reserved. The advice provided on this website is general advice only and does not constitute as a financial recommendation. Any news, opinions, research, analysis, values or other information contained on this story, by Exchange Rates UK, its employees, partners or contributors, is provided as general market commentary. Exchange Rates UK will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. So on the daily chart, very obviously we are in a bull market and we see prices finding support, the RSI has been finding support up against 55 and 65, that’s totally normal, but what we’re seeing is noticeable divergence.

Indeed, Bitcoin is slightly below its all-time high and there is a possibility that it will test $60,000 during the weekend. Other currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Uniswap have also rallied substantially. Tesla has spent over $1.5bn on bitcoin, driving the price higher, and says it will accept the cryptocurrency as payment for its cars.

ethereum latest news

On Friday, I wrote that the ETH price would soon break-out. I pointed to the bullish flag pattern that was happening on the four-hour chart.

Rival Cryptocurrencies Quietly Gaining Ground On Bitcoin

And that exists actually find a different, if you look see these lower highs that have occurred in the RSI followed by lower highs that have occurred in the Composite Index. But if you look up above we see a series of higher highs. Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has started allowing its users to exchange cryptocurrencies for its e-money, Rakuten Cash.

Its lowest ever recorded dominance was 37.09 on January . The price volatility of Bitcoin over the last 30 days was 79.63%. If you’ve not started your crypto journey yet, we’ve joined forces with Luno to offer you £10 absolutely free. Click on the graphic below and simply use the code CITYAM10 when you sign up. Third, Ether price has rallied because of the relatively mild inflation numbers from the United States. On Wednesday, data showed that the overall consumer inflation rose by 1.7% in February.

Read the “Risk Disclosure Statement” for further details. InvestingCube is a news site providing free financial market news, analysis, and education. Its purpose is to empower Forex, commodity, cryptocurrency, and indices traders and investors with the news and actionable analysis at the right time. Ethereum is the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency by market value, behind Bitcoin. Over the past month, specifically the past week, Ethereum has been seen to follow the trends of the rest of the market and increasing.

Turning to the three-hour chart, we see that the ETH price has bounced back but it has consolidated in the past few hours. This has seen the price form a bullish pennant pattern that is shown in black.

Professional Adviser is excited to launch the new ESG Masterclass, taking place live online from 28th – 29th April 2021. Delegates attending this event will benefit from thought-provoking presentations, informative Q&A sessions and structured CPD hours. Investment Week is hosting its Fixed Income Virtual Briefing at a time of huge uncertainty for investors as they try to navigate their way through the market fallout caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. During this briefing, we will hear from a number of fixed income managers about their response to the extraordinary events of the past few months and how they have been navigating turbulent market conditions. Hoskinson wants to lead the DeFi revolution and thinks Cardano can surpass market leader Ethereum. Its lowest ever recorded dominance was 37.09 on January 8, 2018.

That said, for all that the network went through the “Mary” update, “there are concerns developers are yet to embrace it,” as Crispus Nyaga, investment analyst at Investing Cube puts it. So from that point of view, Cardano probably has a long way to go before it surpasses Ethereum. In particular, earlier this month, Cardano went through its much anticipated “Mary” update which paved the way for users to be able to create unique tokens, including non-fungible-tokens . These are digital files which represent ownership of a certain asset, and have also become the latest crypto craze.

ethereum latest news

He has also published for prominent financial publications like SeekingAlpha, Forbes,, and Marketwatch. Crispus graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2013, an MBA in 2017, and is currently working on an MSc in Financial Engineering from WorldQuant University. When he is not trading and writing, you can find him relaxing with his son. In my view, ETH price will resume the upward trend as bulls target the next all-time high at $2,040, which is 13% above the current level. Ethereum prices are also rising because of the improvement in the DeFi industry. Data by DeFi Pulse shows that the total value locked has increased from $40 billion last week to $45 billion today.

The volume traded over the last 24 hours was $48,376,115,752, down from $54,465,753,669 yesterday. High volumes can indicate that a significant price movement has stronger support and is more likely to be sustained. The volume traded over the last 24 hours was $45,890,393,684. In the US, the Senate passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package on Saturday. Analysts have speculated that this is a positive development for Bitcoin and other safe haven assets as it will eventually lead to inflation. It could also unleash another wave of demand for crypto if stimulus cheque recipients use the cash to buy cryptocurrencies.

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As of this morning, Ethereum reached a market price of $600. Across the board, the cryptocurrency markets higher. Folks Monday is when Ethereum has a futures contract launched at the CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, it’s the largest derivatives market in the world, that’s where all the primary futures contracts are traded. We know what happened there, it was actually the exact date, the exact date of the CMEs futures contract, December 17, that was the high of the market, that’s when we were near that 20k value area. And again, maybe not, but cyclical-wise and behaviour-wise in the cryptocurrency markets. The price of Bitcoin swiftly jumped $500 in the immediate aftermath of the news and Bitcoin spent the weekend trading at around the $50,000 level. Second, the price rallied as part of the overall cryptocurrencies rally.

Amongst this change are altcoins including Bitcoin , Bitcoin cash , Ethereum, Ripple XRP and Stellar , who have all posted high weekly gains. The total market cap of cryptocurrency is now back up at over $1.5 trillion and everything is showing green. There was particularly good news for Ethereum yesterday, with Amazon Web Services ’s announcement that their “managed blockchain” service now supports Ethereum out of the box. The Ethereum price has been in consolidation mode in the past few hours. ETH is trading at $1,806, which is 40% above the lowest level last week and 11% below its all-time high.

  • But I like it at these levels, especially as we’re getting near the end of the day on Friday.
  • So maybe there’s nothing more to it than Cardano being the latest coin to hitch a ride on the current mania.
  • Delegates attending this event will benefit from thought-provoking presentations, informative Q&A sessions and structured CPD hours.
  • Their goal is to connect clients with ultra competitive exchange rates and a uniquely dedicated service whether they choose to trade online or over the telephone.

The price volatility of Bitcoin over the last 30 days is 79.89%. We closed yesterday, March 2, 2021, at a price of $48,378.99 – down from $49,631.24 the day before. The move comes more than two years after the integration was first hinted at in 2018. The AWS announcement blog notes that the news means “AWS customers can easily provision Ethereum nodes in minutes and connect to the public Ethereum main network and test networks such as Rinkeby and Ropsten”. This should, hopefully, mean the developer base using this technology grows even further and enables even more innovation moving forward. The market continued to look choppy yesterday, though it seems the momentum is still very much on Bitcoin’s side and we’re back percolating at around $51,000 again.

That factor might explain the renewed interest in Cardano better than anything else. Cardano prices have been rising as Ethereum is considered too costly for developers, Hoskinson argued in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He predicts that Cardano’s blockchain will eventually surpass that of Ethereum. Cryptocurrency Cardano has shot up in value to become one of the crypto-world’s biggest currencies behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Saloni Sardana looks at what it is and why it’s become so popular. See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive.

Save money on your currency transfers with TorFX, voted International Money Transfer Provider of the Year . Their goal is to connect clients with ultra competitive exchange rates and a uniquely dedicated service whether they choose to trade online or over the telephone. So yeah, you guys all have a great rest of your Friday. From all of us here at Exchange Rates UK TV, take care of yourselves and look. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe and I look forward to talking with you all next week. That is the most likely scenario moving forward here. I’ve added I opened up a short position today at 1680 Ethereum.

For one, the government is not only providing $1,400 checks to individuals, it is also providing enhanced employment benefits. Some of these funds will go to ETH and other currencies. Learn two complete trading strategies to optimize your trading for fast-moving markets. Crispus Nyaga is a self-taught financial analyst and trader with more than seven years in the industry. He has worked for some of the biggest brokers in Europe and Australia as an analyst, coach, and course creator. He has a wealth of experience in equities, currencies, commodities, and global macroeconomic issues.

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