AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Boot Camp

The course is only $999 and covers important topics like Linux system administration, DevOps fundamentals, and containers fundamentals. The course is self-paced and includes live instructor office hours, hands-on labs, and mentorship sessions. This format allows students to study at their own pace while still receiving assistance from expert instructors.

As many companies continue to move their services to the cloud, working system administrators need to develop the enterprise-level cloud computing skills required to accommodate these changes. This course is focused on helping participants develop competency with in-demand cloud technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus, and others. While the tuition is expensive, there are multiple payment plans available. Participants only need basic knowledge of Linux to get started, and once enrolled, you’ll learn through a series of flexible live-instructor training classes.


He has over 40 years of experience in systems development and has served in academic, industrial, and research positions. Principal Infrastructure & Cloud Architect at Oracle Corporation’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, where he lived for 4 years, before moving to Orlando, in sunny Florida . As part of that role, he led the migration of American Airlines Infrastructure On-Premises to MultiCloud architecture. In addition, Jean has trained thousands of IT Professionals in Cloud Computing around the world. Through its programs, countless of its students have already achieved highly paid and visible positions in the Cloud market. The Linux Foundation’s experts, who are leaders on their relevant open source projects, have outlined the courses and recommended pace for students to be successful.

Which language is best for cloud?

Java. Java has long been at the top of developers' lists because it is cross-platform and object-oriented. It is a reliable and practical language to create cloud-native microservices.

A certificate of completion can help improve your resume and verify your competency. While not all of these courses offer a verified certificate of completion, we highlighted those that do. Dr. Rick Hefner serves as the Program Director for Caltech’s CTME, where he develops customized training programs for technology-driven organizations.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Boot Camp

Clarusway is great for students who are on the fence about cloud computing. Their month-long free trial allows them to test the waters without fully committing. Get started with the Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp and explore everything about this unique program covering all the concepts of cloud domain you need to kickstart your career. This training is NOT appropriate for those with only basic or intermediate knowledge of Azure nor appropriate for those in sales roles. Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification.

Is Google Cloud difficult to learn?

If you have some knowledge about Cloud computing and you have used AWS before then learning Google Cloud Platform is not difficult for you and this course makes it even easier. Enterprises are going multi-cloud.

The format enables students to study at their own pace, but also get support via interactive forums and live video chat with instructors. This chapter explains how to use the principle of loose coupling to create scalable and highly available applications. I believe self-study would have been much much harder to comprehend the information and pass the test on a first try. This course is best suited for experienced system administrators and IT professionals that are interested in pursuing CompTIA Cloud+ certifications.

Cloud Master Bootcamp

Our Cloud Computing course helps you master the core skill sets required to design and deploy dynamically scalable and reliable applications on Microsoft Azure, and AWS. The Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp, helps you become an expert in Azure, and AWS. This in-depth cloud computing certification course lets you master key architectural principles and develop the skills needed to become a cloud expert. I promise to come back with refined skills in solution architecture in Azure, cloud security, availability and recovery methodologies. I am also extremely interested in learning about the newest use cases for Microsoft Artificial Intelligence technology, which there is quite a heavy focus on. In our app-driven world, containers and microservices are the perfect home for an application.

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