An Overview of 15 Popular Coding Games For Adults

You can build coding into your life, instead of struggling to make it to class on time. Learning programming languages and coding has never been this convenient and enjoyable. Fit for teens and older students, this project-based framework allows students to get hands-on experience in real-world coding. Did you know that young kids starting at the age of five are already taught basic coding skills, especially with the rise of new kid-friendly technologies? Nine out of ten parents from a survey done by Gallup revealed they wanted their kids to learn coding skills in schools. In the coming years, this will become an essential skill to have with more technology-driven jobs available in the global market. This Google project for web developers launched in 2010 to counter Apple’s HTML5.

What is the best age to learn programming?

The best age to begin programming learning can be as young as 4 years. This is the best age to teach your child the basic concepts of computing.

Give your team the knowledge, experience, and confidence they need to tackle any problem. Are you feeling a little intimidated by the vast ecosystem of coding frameworks out there? It’s easy to get lost — that’s why we suggest starting with Scratch.

A Short Review of 15 Coding Games for Adults

Self-paced lessons will also help them learn during their spare time. If they feel that they’re ready for more enhanced courses, they can access the Codecademy Pro for $19.99 monthly subscription. The friendly interface makes this an encouraging site to keep them learning more about coding. While the technicalities of using Scratch may require some basic understanding, older kids with programming backgrounds could easily maneuver the tools and courses offered on this site. Ruby Warrior – as the name suggests, it’s among the free coding games teaching how to code in Ruby covers artificial intelligence algorithms among others. When registering, pick a difficulty level and help your knight hero bypass obstacles or enemies on his path to victory.

Alternatively, you may want to dive into mobile programming languages if you’d like to create a basic app or master coding fundamentals. We’re grown up enough to know that Disney magic isn’t just for kids. Unlike coding bootcamps and online code learning courses, Disney Codeillusion prioritizes your professional development through fun and engagement whichever coding course you’re in. Through Disney Codeillusion, you can explore coding through games, original Disney movie scenes, and opportunities to create your own media art.


Unfortunately, these all-too-common stereotypes are far from benign. Over the years, they have played a role in subtly disenfranchising and undermining society’s most experienced and wise denizens. Create moving art pieces with algorithms and make CGs with programming. Your digital classroom won’t be your computer screen, but instead, Agrabah, Arendelle, and Wonderland, just to name a few. Through these enchanting worlds, practicing coding will be an immersive, exciting experience.

2.CodeWars is yet another big platform offering challenges in 20 languages (C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, SQL, etc.) with another dozen languages in beta testing. It targets coding enthusiasts, both young and adult, but also recruiting IT companies or educators. CodeWars is intended for somewhat advanced users – one must even pass a basic coding test before being able to register as a user. Some of the languages CodinGame supports for its programming gamesCodinGame has built-in leaderboards and other features to give you plenty of motivation to keep practicing your coding. Even though the platform was launched way back in 2012, there is still nothing else quite like it. Dash is a program by General Assembly that teaches students for free on basic web development. Users will start with creating a personal website increasing in difficulty as the level increases.

Starting Up

As an object-oriented language, programs are centered around the idea of “objects” — i.e., packages of code that have their own attributes and behaviors and can interact with each other. Unlike other languages, Python is syntax-light, which makes it excellent for beginners who don’t yet have much experience with computer logic.

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