8 Outstanding Examples of Human-Centered Design Every Business Needs to See

Join the list of 5000+ product designers and business owners who count on our monthly newsletter. Designers should not neglect this fact, as it would not only affect the credibility of a designer’s career but also create barriers in differentiating a good user interface from a bad one. The concept of site orientation is based upon how its navigational features are designed and the navigation options can be designed in a number of ways. The most basic and widely used design approach includes a website’s sitemap. Whether it a website’s sitemap or the options in a search bar, every feature needs to be clearly visible and accessible to the user. The Mac page on Apple’s website can be treated as an accessibility epitome. The web page has every such detail that a user would need to understand the product types, speculations and features better.

If you’re torn between two products, you can compare those two and conclude. Apple Store has the best website design I’ve ever encountered in an e-commerce website. IIt’ssimple, clear, accessible all around, and the best part is that you can compare products side by side. The device was created with the user in mind, notifying her of her calorie burn and motivating her to exercise more. So whether it’s her steps or workouts, she can track all of them while improving her sleep schedule and diet. Nowadays, there are many streaming services, so even those services have become common. However, I want to highlight the latest Spotify update and how the brand finally added song lyrics to the application.

Doctors Need Apps Too: Designing Digital Health Experiences With Clinicians In Mind

Medici allows patients to connect with healthcare providers at any time, from any browser. It doesn’t require users to download an app, and it also allows doctors to collaborate, while ensuring patient privacy. They’ve been created using participatory design, where every decision is made with the user in mind. The developers behind these products created apps that are solving problems for healthcare providers and patients, as well as the office staff and family members also involved in care. In our previous post we discussed the importance of human-centered design. In this post we’d like to share some real-world examples of human centered design concepts in health-app development. The final phase of the process is bringing that ideal solution to market.

What skills are needed for design thinking?

  • Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a core skill for anyone interested in design thinking.
  • Consensus Building.
  • User Research.
  • Journey Mapping.
  • Brainstorming.

Venmo is another example of a product which solved a problem before most people realized it was one. I personally didn’t see how cumbersome exchanging money was, until Venmo provided a solution.

Human-centered Design Process

When done well, a human-centered approach fuels the creation of products that resonate more deeply with an audience, ultimately driving engagement and growth. As proof, we need to look no further than the recent success of design-driven companies like Warby Parker, Apple, Fab, and Airbnb. We’ve also recently seen big players like Google, eBay, and LinkedIn invest in the design of more integrated and sophisticated user experiences. The importance of applying a human-centered design process to product design cannot be underestimated. As well as potentially having an impact on a company’s bottom line, it leads to better products that solve real-world problems for people. The following stages focus on brainstorming, personas , customer journey maps, prototyping and iterating on designs via continuous user-testing.

  • When we were working on designing a HandPrinter, a startup that encourages people to make a positive impact on our environment, they had a problem with onboarding new users because of poor user experience.
  • I’m not even counting the impact on your brand image and new customers that will come via your loyal customers’ recommendations or networks.
  • Lauren Landry is the director of marketing and communications for Harvard Business School Online.
  • By viewing your offerings through this framework, you can begin to develop products centered on your users’ motivations rather than standard customer attributes, such as age, gender, income, and marital status.
  • The following stages focus on brainstorming, personas , customer journey maps, prototyping and iterating on designs via continuous user-testing.
  • Without following a human-centered design approach, you end up jeopardizing your credibility.

Too much functionality can make your product complex and confuse the user, while customers’ main goal is to get rid of a problem fast and efficiently. The Airbnb app follows the same human-centered approach for its UI/UX and serves uncomplicated app usability to its users.

An adaptive interface for the visually impaired

The designers of fitness trackers recognized people’s difficulties in tracking and maintaining exercise goals and devised a long-term solution. Hopefully, these examples confirm the usefulness of human-centered design for creating long-lasting and innovative products. You’re now ready to tackle your creative process from a new angle — the human angle. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco worked with design firm IDEO to develop a tool called PRIME, or Personalized Real-time Intervention for Motivational Enhancement. The app addresses symptoms like anxiety that can keep patients with schizophrenia and depression isolated and avoiding treatment. It offers motivational coaching from trained professionals and social connections with peers, in a closed community.

The platform gives you an estimated time of arrival when you confirm your order and updates you on the location of your driver throughout its journey to pick you up. While you’re in the vehicle, you can see the most efficient route on your app and make sure it’s being followed. As you know, people get bored easily, and taking this into account, Netflix finds content for your taste and creates even more content according to your watch history. Netflix has been producing its own original shows and movies for years, and year by year, they work on more projects for their users. If you don’t know where to start, you can get from a shopping specialist or compare all models.

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